Crime figures up and police numbers at their lowest level since 1985

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wetsmonkey, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Mmmm.... This might be a crossed wires in terms of terminology if you're an English force.. When I say 'held in custody' I mean kept in a cell for court the next lawful day, which is the standard practice for an adult who commits a crime punishable by imprisonment that merits it.

    We always arrest the wee shits, it's just what happens thereafter. Arrest means nothing, it's the punishment, which is ultimately take them to their parents and charge them in front of the parents. You might at a push get to report them to the Children's Panel, but normally the Family Protection Unit updates you to say it's an Intervention and they get a naughty step talk.
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  2. Ah right ok, that would be remanded. I know little about the Scottish criminal justice system, sorry for the confusion.
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  3. The effect of the system being so utterly worthless when it comes to punishing violent offenders is that some people are cutting out the middle man and doing it themselves. I know of one little shit-bag in my area with a record that covers everything from vandelism to hitting someone with a baseball bat. Never spent a day in jail, but he was discovered in his own stair with a knife stuck in his back. Unfortunately, he didn't bleed out. When questioned, he claimed to have, "slipped and fallen on the knife".

    A woman who kept being Forced Moved from council houses because she was a violent alchoholic was eventually placed in one of the rougher blocks of flats. She lasted a few months, then ended up beaten to a pulp after pissing off the neighbours.

    Criminals in Scotland already regard the police and so-called justice system with contempt. Sadly, real people are starting to feel the same way...
  4. Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed this post - with apologies to those who are negatively affected by the realities of the situation.

    I remember the old "sus" laws (Kent and London) and received "an education" several times from BOB, sometimes deserved and sometimes not. One of my best experiences was being stopped by a traffic officer in Birkenhead when I was almost home after travelling up from my base in Colchester - after expecting some negative comment (about myself or my crappy old car) - I was delighted to be complimented on the state of my Ford Corsair and asked if I wanted to sell my car. I did about a year later when I was posted to BFG.

    Now, I have a couple of friends over here who are former Bobbies who decry the state of play in the UK (Met, Cheshire and Merseyside) and are very happy that they are out here with their pensions.

    A lot of what you are reporting as everyday just doesn't happen here but that's not to say that some serious sh1t doesn't go down daily (and reported in glorious technicolour in local language papers!). Don't believe what you read in the Daily Snail (which is possibly why it is banned here), the vast majority of people here are very friendly and both family and community responsibility are top priority (but do watch out if you make someone lose "face" - deliberately or accidentally!).

    I'm probably a little biased as we have several RTP in our family, from newer officers up to the higher echelons, however I've not had one bad run-in with any officer during the many years I've been here - even when I've pushed it.

    Genuine crime figures and RTP resource requests are very hard to find here, even if you can read Thai, but we (Thai and international family and friends) have had some very lively debates on both - I shall be glad to pass on the contents of this thread in our next chat (this weekend!).

    Thanks again all, I'm glad I chose this as my first thread to join - sorry it's not constructive from me (this time).
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  5. Spot on, pretty much the same where I work, except I'm on a rural patch and we often work with 2-3 a shift when we're supposed to have 6.
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  6. I read somewhere long ago that many local authorities still retain the power to dismiss the local police service and raise their own constabularies. I think a Met Commisioner was threatened with just this by a London Borough unhappy with their efforts in the 1980s

    Is this the still the case?
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  7. Because 3 of the officers want to be on TV?
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  8. Gives you time to get rid of the body.

    And do your bit for crime reduction as every citizen should.
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  9. I see the Met is being looked after, well it does have to look after those pesky Politicians who of course want to ensure their own safety.
    £50 million anti-terror police base is being built in central London
    snip "A new £50 million base for armed police officers is to be built in central London to help protect the public from terrorism.

    The new base will house at least 200 officers and contain a practice firing range, weapons storage and other facilities designed to enable the force’s firearms specialists to hone their shooting and decision making skills.

    It will be built in Limehouse and is being located in east London partly to make it easier to keep officers on hand to respond to any future terror attacks in the capital.

    The decision to set up the new firearms base comes as the Met continues to expand its firearms capability through the recruitment of 600 extra armed officers.

    Once completed that will take the total number of armed officers employed by the Met to 2,800"
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  10. Houses of Parliament have their very own Praetorian Guard. How very nice for them. An what does it tells us about their mindset, hmm?
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  11. Even better, if you live in an odd numbered house you've got a perfect excuse for not calling the police, you don't expect them to turn up if you report a break in
  12. Only if you live in Leicestershire.
  13. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    And I see you lucky buggers still working will now get a pay rise and a bonus amounting to a wallet busting 2%. That's when the inflation figures released today came to 2.9%. Nice, still better than the nurses so best stop complaining.

    At least my Pension is actually linked.
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  14. The Nurses and many other professions pay reviews under the "new system" have not come around so it's difficult to compare.
  15. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    No doubt they are not holding their breath.
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