Crime figures up and police numbers at their lowest level since 1985

The answer isn’t binary, there is room for both carrot and stick. Saying that, I agree that the seeds that grow crime must be eradicated - no/shit parenting, lack of values, lack of community, PC aversion to challenging cultural crap, mass cowardice in refusing to challenge poor behaviour and say no.

Very true, in certain communities parenting is virtually zero with Women having numerous children with numerous men who more often than not have zero influence or support for the child. Put this down to where feckless slags know that the state will support them and their offspring with over generous benefits. FFS various birth control methods are given out free, so there is no need for this.
IMHO Prison initially should be a punishment & not just a curtailing of someone's liberty. Initially Prisoners should be OBLIGED to work a minimum of 8 hours a day, either in a simple workshop, chain gang type work on farms, road cleaning etc & every prison should have a modified version of this which could be adapted to generate electricity which if not required at the prison, sold to the national grid.

By keeping their nose clean, doing the work, prisoners could qualify for certain privileges, watching TV, access to small luxuries like sweets etc. Once a time on this labour is reached, specified by the judge, the prisoner becomes eligible for training in a suitable trade, plumbing, electrician etc to help rehabilitate him for the outside world, any infraction & its back to the treadwheel until he learns the errors of his ways!

Wow, who would have thought that retirement, resignations, medical and disciplinary etc would effect overall numbers.

Once again this has been consistently pointed out over the years.
If you were serious about reducing crime rates, you'd give up on the road to failure that is deterence through old-skule low-budget hard-time punishment by incarceration, and stert thinking seriously about how to remedy the conditions that give rise to petty criminals, and how to invest in a system that rehabilitates from, rather than reinforces, the behaviours of those who by one route or another find their way into the sub-Victorian monstrosity we know as the penal system.

It seems to have paid off for a substantial part of Scandinavia - yet us clever old islander Brits flat refuse to stop doing the same counter-productive hard and nasty things while expecting better results if we just do them more harderer and more nastierer . . . . . :roll:
As almost a tenth of the population have an IQ under 85, what are they supposed to do, other than go on benefits supplemented by petty crime? Would you want to employ such an individual?

Edit: Yes, of course there are many persons of limited IQ who are good conscientious citizens, however there is an over-representation of that group as a whole in petty-crime.
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