Crime figures up and police numbers at their lowest level since 1985

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wetsmonkey, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. Well I'm sure some examples can be given as I ain't exactly looked for that sort of thing, and more specifically the alleged planned privatisation of the entire 101 and 999 system in a manner where a single control room will cover such a huge swathe of south-west London.

    I mean, I know SOME services, like the LFB 999 control, have been handed out to Crapita but we are talking about a plan to privatise the entire 999 system and not just SOME organisations deciding to outsource that side of things.
  2. Pension?
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  3. That's something which is of no concern to you.
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  4. That's one aspect, I won't deny. It's on one hand the greatest job in the world and on the other the worst. You take the rough with the smooth and forget about it when you walk out the door to go home.

    People are leaving in droves to be replaced with cheap and vastly inexperienced new officers on worst TACOS.
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  5. Always funny and to the point.
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  6. This I sort of agree with, only I think it's more youth courts being toothless and scared of their shadow. Our borough had a little demon in vaguely human form, a right psychopath. All kids fight, he brawled.

    Some of our more hardened gang members were terrified of him. He stabbed, used acid, got stabbed and acid'd and nothing really stopped him. He always swerved prison being a youth.

    However, he crossed the boundary to being an adult and finally he will be going away for a long time for his more recent crimes. But if youth courts could have gripped him properly in the first place....
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  7. Yep, nip the bad ones in the bud early and there will be an improvement. You won't get them all but giving them free reign for their teenage years isn't the best way to deal with them. They just laugh at the authorities.
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  8. It means little to the poor sods who have been victims of a crime and just get a letter through the door saying how sorry the police are that you have been a victim of a crime, here is your crime number.
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  9. Absolutely, couldn't agree more but as my Chief Inspector said about 4 years ago "please don't think this reorganisation plan is going to address the problems we have, it's all we are able to do with the money and staff we have". This was a root and branch reorg that involved closing stations and centralising officers.

    We know the service is way worse than it was but we have no choice but to deal with the wolf closest to the door that involves harm to people.
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  10. If anyone has any ideas how to make things better with 45 to 50,000 less staff and billions less in funding then please stand to be your local PCC.

    Less is what you get with less.
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  11. If things are to improve then the solutions to the lack of resources are:
    • direct taxation has to go up;
    • tax loopholes have to be closed.

    Austerity is not working -- and has worked -- in the way it is meant to: doing more with less.
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  12. I think the PCC post is utterly pointless, look at the cracking turnout during the first ever election for them.
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  13. Then stop bleating about it, Pension, “easier to stay than leave”. T&C are very favourable, salaried with overtime? Try getting that in the private sector.

    Plus If so many “experienced” coppers are leaving on expensive T&C, with new coppers joing on real world T&C, wouldnt that enable more coppers on the street.
  14. Resign in protest, go to the press, etc. I dont see any of the mass crime as I choose not to live in an inner city, we have a routine armed presence aswell.
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  15. I'm trying to think of a phrase involving the word "Cameron" or "Cameron's" that describes these people which fits with PCC and is also suitable for CA, but I am struggling.

    I mean, what was Cameron thinking, I'm seeing figures from 2013 that say Hampshire alone had a budget of £3.5 million for the "police authority" and you know that has risen. Start multiplying things up by the number of PCC's. Then do the number of years so far. Let's face it, this is a colossal waste of money and resources that could be better employed elsewhere.
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