Crime figures up and police numbers at their lowest level since 1985

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There does come a point where surely even the blue cult realise they have become pathetic.

Police labelled 'desperate' for using Nando's discount to entice new officers

Can I just say it wasn't me who left this comment on their FaceTube page
Only 20? I remember 50% off in one of them because we'd helped them out with an almight barney. What happened? Commissioners Reserve turned up every shift for two weeks with the entire serial. Thanks lads:rolleyes:, didn't last very long after that.
Knife crime: Fatal stabbings at highest level since records began in 1946 Knife crime deaths at highest level since WW2

An interesting article that shows quite surprising stats for where most murders are committed. Only 2 London locs in the top 10.
I don't envy your job at all mate. Country is an absolute joke. Place like Blyth and bigish police station closed down and replaced by an office unit on the docks. It's just a green light for petty criminals to carry on normal jogging, regardless of the despair and anguish of those affected, these criminals know this and fully take advantage of the weak system that is put in place.
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