Crime figures up and police numbers at their lowest level since 1985


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Chasing dead or decrepit criminals who are no longer a threat to the public must surely be less important than catching (and deterring) those currently active.
There has also been a huge increase in paperwork around PACE and use of force (the latter allegedly includes shouting loudly )
This council tax hike to pay for police, will I get a rebate for non attendance to incidents as we gets no one attending about 85% of the time.
This is the third night in a row I have rang regarding a lad in the gang causing havoc in neighborhood waving a knife around.
Wednesday a single Bobby arrived an hour and 40 minutes after we rang 999.
Last night no one.
Tonight no one again rang at 20:39, but did get a call back to ask if they were still outside at 21:35.
The system is totally broke.
Further to my post my merpol mate is on tonight. He's just text back to say unless it's a murder not to bother tonight.
Inspiring isn't it.

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Yet another case of derisory PC sentencing?
Thug who attacked the police officer with the kick kung fu admits the assault

These prime examples of why they are over represented in prisons round various countries, appear to have made a habit of this.
Reading that link it appeared that the judge was questioning the CPS as to why the charge of GBH wasn’t brought against the accused.
Years ago if there was any doubt the CPS always erred on the charge of ABH. The reason they used was, well we could get this through the magistrates, if it was GBH the accused would have to be tried at Crown Court.
Even back then money came before justice.
When I was at Hendon an assault that resulted in a bone been broken was a GBH, except a nose, in fact a punch on the nose that caused a bloody nose was classed as a common assault. A common assault back then wasn’t arrestable, in fact a common assault was dealt with like an RTA, names addresses exchanged, advice given to victim as to how to proceed, civil or criminal and that was it. I never like dealing with those and was relieved when that went out of the window and all common assault were treated as per ABH, ie arrestable.
Times and laws have changed but the cost always seems to be the leading factor when charging, it will only get worse and the CPS actually stands for.

I am a bit surprised as to why the judiciary have to ask this question.

CPS have been long going for the lessor offence which gains a plea, rather than risk a trial on the more severe option.

Unless of course, like good lawyers, they never ask a question to which they do not know the answer; but merely to adduce evidence.....

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And yet some scrote can cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands bringing a ridiculous charge against the police.
And that’s why I said what I said earlier. The system stinks.
Yes nobody likes a bent copper, in fact they are vermin and serious complaints should be fully investigated.
However, all the police want is for these vindictive complaints that the scrotes use to cast doubt on their own guilt are looked at quickly and dealt with so the honest coppers can confidently get on with the job.
It’s not much to ask for.
The least that can be asked for, and unfortunately in this increasingly PC driven snowflake world surrounded by lunacy, ignored.
ABH carries a maximum sentence of 5 years, I believe. Which he is highly unlikely to get since he plead guilty. Probably spend 2 - 3 years in jail at most.

Makes you proud to be British.:rolleyes:
2 years out in 6 months
ABH carries a maximum sentence of 5 years, I believe. Which he is highly unlikely to get since he plead guilty. Probably spend 2 - 3 years in jail at most.

Makes you proud to be British.:rolleyes:
I would be very surprised if they spent anywhere near 2 to 3 years in prison.
I can't be the only one who hopes the Commissioner's response is "No units available to deal"....

MPs raise safety fears with police after Anna Soubry subjected to 'Nazi’ chants

Our Lords and Masters a bit upset about lack of safety?

All in it together now.......:-D
I've just watched the film and have to say I quite enjoyed it.
I don't quite get the Nazi thing (from the far right group) but it nice to see how upset the poor little dear is by these nasty people stopping her getting into the Westminster fantasy world by the terrible method of walking along side her and not stopping her in any way.

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