Crime figures up and police numbers at their lowest level since 1985

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wetsmonkey, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. Nobody, it was 4 different parts of London so it was "normal behaviour which coincidentally happened within a randomly defined overnight time period".

    Nothing to see here, move along

    Edit: I see a couple of people have found this "funny". The reality is what I posted, and whilst empty weasel words will be spoken and promises made, ultimately this is 4 separate incidents which have no links to each other and likely had different circumstances surrounding each one. How do you try and put any blame on one individual just because there were 4 unrelated incidents in a randomly defined timescale? I mean, it depends on the defined area, and when you take each area individually then the fatal stabbings may not be unusual. Taken across London in one overnight period it is unusual, taken across the UK as a whole it would likely not be a big deal on any given day of the week. So it depends on the random definitions of time period and area, meaning the media can make a Big Scary Headline news story out of something instead of reporting what could be classed as more mundane.
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  2. Used in Customs (UKBF) too. And no-one ever got promoted in our lot by finding naughty things in bags or lorries or ships either. Now it's a game of bullshit bingo by something called the 'competency framework' or more correctly 'completely fictitious'
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  3. Well similar things have been going on for quite some time. I'm in the Metropolitan Police area. I had an eight wheel grab lorry stolen from a garage where it was being repaired.

    The circumstances caused me to suspect some insider involvement and I rang the Police and asked to speak to the officer who was investigating the theft. The woman on the phone replied that they don't do that. Thinking I had misheard, I repeated my request only to be told that I wasn't listening to her. She repeated that nobody was investigating the theft of my grab lorry worth 25 grand because the Police don't investigate those things anymore.

    She was quite non-plussed when I inquired why was I paying taxes, a portion of which were being used to fund her service if they couldn't be bothered to do their jobs. She just advised me that if the lorry was discovered, they would call me and let me know where it was.

    It was found ten days later in a field near Reading burnt out with the HIAB missing. They rang me but only after they had rang their preferred towing contractor first to get them to tow it even further away to their depot at Newbury. It cost me £500 to get it back to West London but I suppose in fairness to the towing contractor, they had to cover the cost of the bung to the officers involved for the phone call that netted them the business.
  4. Interesting, we live in an age where the prevailing culture is to immediately look for someone in politics or the public sector to blame for the wrong doings of free willed individuals.

    We have taken responsibility away from people and put that on the shoulders of others. We have infantilised people who are in their mid to late teens by telling them they are still children and it’s not their fault.
    We have a generation of adults whose immediate response is to turn to The State to sort out their lives and give them a convenient scapegoat for when they do wrong or can’t live their lives by any moral code.

    Sad really.
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  5. When I say the police, what I really mean was A CPO. They wanted the one thing we had. A national database and access to it. By Extension so did the HO. As traffic increased over the years, the one the one thing that stayed static was our budget and staffing. Gongs depended on it. So when Blairio found a way to hit us, it pleased ACPO no end as they stumbled over things that had got through the bottlenecks of customs and moaned at our under performance. He used the Butterfield report to soften us up, got rid of the NIS and created SOCA. That was police led. I've said this before, when you have a national force that is smaller than any regional Police force- for the through put faced, and you won't take measures "Houston we have a problem". We now have a Police led Border force, we now have police style eps. The Coalition merely compounded UKBA problems left us by Ma Cooper and Jaqui Smith. Tarts the pair of em.
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  6. But oh so true. It also appears to be something of a European problem as well.
  7. have police and crime commissioners actually added any value at all? How much do they and their staff cost?
  8. Gtr MCR doesn't have a PCC anymore.I dare say other cities have got rid of theirs,as well.
  9. Metropolitan areas with elected Mayors have taken over from PCCs.
  10. I doubt that Burnham gets EDP for it though.
  11. An interesting “spider diagram” by a police author Chief Supt Sutherland that indicates the multiplicity of policing today.

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  12. I was one of many thousands bussed into Wembley Arena back in '93. Aside from the fact it was a grand day out with a mini-pub crawl on the way home, (Maidenhead/Thames Valley) it was absolutely astonishing that this should have happened in the first place.

    Of course it was all about the disastrous Sheehy Report (some of which TVP actually implemented) with guest speakers including Blair (before he became PM) decrying that report and promising us the moon on a stick.

    What a crock of shit. There was no moon and the stick broke.

    T J was F years ago mate.
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  13. It was when I started to hear "The Job Really is F**ed" after Winsor, things were going down hill!
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  14. Winsor. Ha! I'd left by then, but I do recall the civvy twat him taking office with a spangly new 'uniform' that his missus had knocked up from off cuts nicked from the BBC's 'over the top' props department.
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  15. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    during the last recession car thefts and burglary went through the roof . There was a shortage of coppers then i wonder if the two are related ? the recession before that it was video recorders and car radios , i f you see a copper in Essex its the custom to run over an touch their collars for luck .
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