Crime figures up and police numbers at their lowest level since 1985

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wetsmonkey, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. well that makes us even, from 2005 Labour destroyed Customs and the Immigration service largely because the police wanted them killed...........:rolleyes:
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  2. Think fo the poor nurses, doctors, social workers, Batmagelli whatsername and the Beeb. Where's your sense of duty man?:D
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  3. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    A relative of mine is a copper. He stopped a Two's car the other night, the bloke driving got out with a sword in his hand, my relative subdued him, on searching the car large numbers of class A wraps were discovered. The top brass later got in touch with my relative to ask if he had a legal reason to stop and search the car. Is it me?
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  4. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    That should read Twoc'd
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  5. Nurses and doctors can make phenomenal money working agency shifts in hospitals. Many paramedics also do this on their test days.
  6. Why wouldn’t it be?
  7. If they're asking that he probably hasn't put good enough grounds in his statement and it needs an additional statement to justify the stop and following search.
    Plenty of good police get themselves into trouble by not doing a good job of putting their actions/reasoning/powers and legislation used onto paper.
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  8. 'Twas said rather toungue in cheek. There's a lot of goodwill right across the public services whatever their shortcomings
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  9. £61 k in London is ok if you own a house.

    If you aspire to, and want to live somewhere the skies aren’t red with flame every night, £61 k won’t reslly do it. Here in Chester we get a steady trickle of Met, LFB, teachers from the Smoke who get to settling down time and realise you can’t save enough for a house there and having kids whilst housesharing like the bloody Young Ones is a non starter.

    Our next door neighbours are a copper and a teacher, they still can’t believe, as native Londoners, that they’re in a nice Victorian house with garden, nice area, cathedral city, for under £195k. They reckon all their similarly aged friends are looking at market towns and places like Chester, York.

    The reason we had an affordable police force and other public services a generation ago was that housing wasn’t so ridiculously expensive.

    A few lines ago I insinuated that £195k is cheap.

    That’s around 7 times average salary.

    That’s what’s gone wrong.
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  10. Nothing new there mate.

    Myself and a colleague followed (in an unmarked vehicle) a lost or stolen car that had been lost by marked units. Not pursuing, just following at a distance keeping a commentary. It stacked going around a corner (we were not pursuing, I remind you), so me and my mate dragged three out for TDA and anything else we could think of.

    Next morning, reading the divisional overnight report - I see the Superintendent has ordered Standards to investigate myself and my pal. There was no compliant from the public or the suspects. This was around 2007/08.

    Said Superintendent later made Chief Superintendent and was head of CID. He used to walk around in his uniform so everyone could see his rank slides. ****ing lid. I used to take pride saying within his hearing "no one ever got promoted for thief-taking".

    So the rot has been in for years. Ask your relative what TJF stands for, and watch the smile.
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  11. Curiosity and trying to see behind the headlines.
  12. What do you think the thrust of the headline was?
  13. I think it was because big corporations paid their taxes and IR collected them. Government didn't burden the small and medium businesses with the shortfall. But now all the small businesses have collapsed, the medium ones are now small and the large ones don't pay, there is no taxes to spend.

    But of course the official version is Labour and poor people took all the money and spent it on scratch cards and flat screen TVs. No mention of globalisation and neo liberal economics causing massive imbalances in wealth distribution and bail outs for criminally irresponsible banks.

    Ever wondered why there are no Police? Ever wondered why you can't get a dentist or GPs appointment? Ever wondered why NHS waiting lists are going from weeks to months, even years? Ever wondered why every rise in rail fares is to pay for 'improvements'? We should be going to work in gold plated carriages with en suite bathrooms and a free buffet by now. Ever wondered why it now costs you £160 if you momentarily drive into a bus lane? (but it's not about raising revenue, they are quick to tell you: OH YES IT FAR KING IS!) Ever wondered why you have to pay £15 to go to the council tip? Ever wondered why you have to subsidise your children's school to the tune of £hundreds every year despite forking out £1400 avg for Council Tax. Ever wondered why you need a permit of £80 a year to park your car on your residential street when only a few years ago it was free? It is because you, Mr & Mrs Average Income are being bled white so the rich and corporations can offshore the nations wealth. And you can piss off with its 'entirely legal' crap! it's immoral. Those that do the work that creates the wealth don't get the opportunity to avoid paying taxes so why should the wealthy and their corporations? There is no trickle down. It's trickling away to secret accounts in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. First act of a Labour government is to get it back. If they won't hand it over, OP. CORPORATE II. 10 minutes of bombing and shelling from that shiny new carrier and a couple of Type45s and they'll soon cut us a cheque with lots of numbers on it!

    Here's a Tory idea: Like the NHS, those that can afford to, should make provision for themselves. Buy your own Police Force. G4S have lots of experience* in the area of doing it on the cheap law enforcement and security. Then smug middle class tossers could have the satisfaction of telling them 'I pay your wages etc;' and actually be correct for once.

    Austerity is a political act. There was no need for it in 2010. There is no need for it in 2018. The bailouts have been repaid in full. It's time for investment again, or we will do irreparable and/or very expensive damage to our economy, infrastructure and public services.

    *Your experience may vary. From shite to appalling, usually...
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2018
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  14. Genuine questions:
    why was that?
    did the coalition govt do similar?
  15. Whilst the bailouts have been paid in full (source?) the deficit has not. The only thing that has shrunk is the RATE the debt is rising at.