Crime figures up and police numbers at their lowest level since 1985

have police and crime commissioners actually added any value at all? How much do they and their staff cost?
... Ask your relative what TJF stands for, and watch the smile.
I was one of many thousands bussed into Wembley Arena back in '93. Aside from the fact it was a grand day out with a mini-pub crawl on the way home, (Maidenhead/Thames Valley) it was absolutely astonishing that this should have happened in the first place.

Of course it was all about the disastrous Sheehy Report (some of which TVP actually implemented) with guest speakers including Blair (before he became PM) decrying that report and promising us the moon on a stick.

What a crock of shit. There was no moon and the stick broke.

T J was F years ago mate.
It was when I started to hear "The Job Really is F**ed" after Winsor, things were going down hill!
It was when I started to hear "The Job Really is F**ed" after Winsor, things were going down hill!
Winsor. Ha! I'd left by then, but I do recall the civvy twat him taking office with a spangly new 'uniform' that his missus had knocked up from off cuts nicked from the BBC's 'over the top' props department.


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during the last recession car thefts and burglary went through the roof . There was a shortage of coppers then i wonder if the two are related ? the recession before that it was video recorders and car radios , i f you see a copper in Essex its the custom to run over an touch their collars for luck .

They still wear collared shirts?

Will wonders never cease! Surely they are due a change to some "Sponsered by 5.11" tactical outfit soon. So they can at least look ally.

Drunk who strangled police officer walks free from court | Swindon Advertiser

But then when you can strangle one officer and bite the other and still not go to prison, one wonders why they bother.

“You said on a number of occasions that you were going to kill them and given the way you were behaving, I’m not surprised they feared for their lives.

“I do not want to risk throwing the baby out with the bath water but your two victims deserve compensation. It won’t undo what you did to them, but it might serve some recompense. I am giving you one chance and one chance only.”
So even with body camera footage, the requirement for the use of incapacitant spray in self-defence (it didn't work) and both officers being injured - you still don't go to prison.

I wonder if one someone calls a judge a c*nt during a hearing, what would happen then? ABH one and I imagine you'd be off to prison sharpish.

"So are you now, or have you ever been, an obstructor or an escaper".

Best you all become team players....
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"So are you now, or have you ever been, an obstructor or an escaper".

Best you all become team players....
So an ACC has nothing better to worry about than trying to change the attitude of some members of her staff, despite crime rates going through the roof, No doubt she has spent her entire career avoiding doing proper police work as in confrontation, walking the streets and feeling collars. If she wants "igniters" she'd be better off joining Thieves on Wheels cos if they're not nicking stuff they're setting fire to it.
Genuinely, WTF is this.

You are taking children out on the rowdy bus?

Sgt on his Twitter handle, Temporary inspector on his profile. He's clearly drinking his own KoolAid. Those promotions will come rapidly.

But I would say that, bit like the blocker or escaper chatting to their predecessors...

Taking children out? For Christ's sake, don't Norfolk even have any adult PCSO's left?
Suffolk has two that I've seen, perhaps they're on leave
That's still no excuse to have them kids up past their bedtime.

And who are those two in plainclothes on the right? They have not passed their GCSE's, let alone the Detective exam. Get back in your uniform , you junior helmet.

I shall have go write a stern letter to The Times and have a lay down.
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