Crime figures up and police numbers at their lowest level since 1985

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wetsmonkey, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. The Commissioner is a bit late, exeperienced officers have been saying that sort of thing years.

    Only to be told to shut up.

    But never mind, I hear rumours of new rounds of voluntary redundancy for police officers. This is in order to meet the financial limits.

    Articles such as the below are merely the tip of the iceberg, I suspect.

    Britain's police budgets to lose £700m by 2020, amid rising crime
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  2. It might be worth having a new thread to debate the future of policing in UK, or even the future shape of society itself.

    Arguably, we are spinning into the abyss where crime and social behaviour runs out of control, and where the policing model not only cannot cope with the situation but itself is actually losing legitimacy.

    There are major forces accelerating the crisis:

    - generations of native population are coming through that have grown up in a society stripped of all forms of legacy social discipline, the family unit, schools, the church, the police, social peer pressures, the media, ethical leadership from the Establishment in all its forms.

    - government has gone down the path of removing personal liberties and freedoms, and tackling crime and antisocial behaviour by using sweeping bans and restrictions that unjustifiably target law-abiding subjects. Those law-abiding subjects, as a result, have significantly diminished respect for the Law and its policing.

    - immigration has introduced millions of new subjects from cultures whose traditions of law and order range from the alien to the non-existent. These immigrants exist in such numbers that ghetto-isation means that whole communities will never fully assimilate UK concepts of law and social discipline.

    - demographic changes related to immigration may mean that certain cities and districts become de facto self-governing territories, entirely outside the reach of UK government including police and criminal justice.

    - the crippling cost of the welfare state will mean further cuts to all non-welfare departments (vide defence, policing, borders, etc). The draw-down in policing already means that large parts of the population perceive that they are not adequately protected, and this will inevitably mean both an increase in criminality and also unilateral action to combat that crime.​
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  3. That hits the nail right on the head. We live in a society where physical chastisement of a child, even a mild slap on the legs by even the parents could result in a prosecution, where teachers cannot even enforce their will on unruly pupils, where police are frightened to enter "traveller" encampments without overwhelming and often armed force and every incident with a member of a minority group is filmed, crowds of their friends gather to try & intimidate the officer, using threats of "racism" to discourage the law being upheld. Yet use any word or expression on social media which could possibly be interpreted as a racist/hate encouraging action and the perpetrator will be hounded by the law.
    This will and in fact is encouraging vigilante groups to be formed, which while it is within minority groups as seen in the Duggan riots, will be tolerated. If it happens to be in a mainly white anglo saxon area, it would be stamped on by our ever more pc police service.
    Drastic steps need to be taken to address these issues, and its not by yet more limp wristed actions like encouraging more diversity & understanding minorities problems. its by rigid enforcement of the law irrespective of colour, creed or race with a stronger more motivated police FORCE and judicial system, who will be lead by people who are good at their jobs, not politically motivated jobsworths whose only purpose in life would appear to pander to the pathetic pc politicians & minority groups in yet more efforts to climb the greasy promotion pole.
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  4. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    That is very depressing news, we had the best pole force in the world once.

    I was listening to the radio a few weeks ago with regards to the latest sleaze allegations at Westminster. They were discussing a controversial raid that took place by The Met on the conservative shadow home affairs office when they were in opposition. Certain computers were seized and the assistant Commisioner at the time has since confirmed that pornography was found on a computer.
    I've often wondered why May had it in for the police as Home Secretary and PM. I wonder is this why?

    Police: We found porn on deputy PM Damian Green’s computers
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  5. My personal opinion was that she was carrying out the will of David Cameron.

    Cameron had been a Special political advisor to Home Secretary Michael Howard at the time of the Sheehy enquiry. This was the the 1990s version of Winsor.

    The Sheehy Inquiry: Police 'jobs for life' culture swept away by

    The report was kicked thoroughly into the long grass.

    One theory is Cameron never forgave the police for this.

    The police were simply an obstacle to Mrs May's ascent to power. And given they cannot strike, she could take them on and make a name - without the problems the Health Secretary could face.

    Shame really that the damage she did on the way up, has started to unravel and now has left her with a bit of a hostage to fortune.
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  6. The article alleges it was extreme porn.

    That has a precise legal definition

    S63 Criminal Justice and Imigration Act 2008.

    So it is either sexual and damage to a body, or sex with animals and corpses, or rape porn.

    The offence carries up to 3 years imprisonment, and is an aggravating factor in sentencing of other sexual offences (ie, causing children to engage in sexual activity and you show extreme pornography also).

    I dealt with a particularly vile rape, which was bloody close to a murder, involving some extreme porn. Some of the imagery I had to watch, i would rather erase from my memory.

    I laugh about a lot of things, but somethings I don't. I don't speak of the details, but they included all of the categories in the act.

    I don't recall how long the person received on conviction, but I remember that I thought he would be one of the few people I dealt with who I genuinely thought would be a lifelong danger.
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  7. Still longer than the sentence handed down to a 17 year old convicted of Culpable Homicide in Edinburgh this week. He killed a man in an unprovoked attack in the early hours of New Years Day. The fatal assault was the last in a string of unprovoked attacks; the lowlife had simply gone out looking for victims to hurt. The judge gave him four years. Not until he is elegible for parole. Four years in total. Which, given the Scottish justice system, means there's a strong possibility he could be out in less than three.
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  8. ITV this morning.A topic for discussion; Should you stop playfully tickling a child when the child says stop, even if the child then says don't stop?
    Apparently by stopping the child will learn about boundaries.
    FFS Thankfully I was going out of the house.
  9. Don't forget that the tickler should be appropriately dressed in full PPE as well, just in case there is any flailing limbs lashing out from the tickled child.
    That is basically what this country has become, a fcucking joke.
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  10. There was a very interesting documentary about how the UK's future looks and how the Tories would like to see the future of policing

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  11. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    I listened, well inbetween the wife and I throwing some expletives around and shaking our heads in disbelief.
    it was seriously a pathetic and an appalling waste of broadcasting time.
    Any one who thinks that playful tickling your little one, (stop it), will have a detrimental effect on his her upbringing shouldn't be a parent in the first place!

    Oh and during this broadcast the woman actually said that as you change a nappy she would say to the baby, now mummy is changing your nappy now. Just so the child knows that the parent is doing good and not been, well you had to hear it to effing believe it!
    Only Jeremy Vine could discuss a subject like this.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  12. Goodness, me. Who'd have thought some sci-fi from 1987 could be so prescient!
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  13. Monday I rang the police, stopped some little sods stealing wheely bins.
    They either throw them in the canal when its warm or this time of year burn them and sit around them.
    Now they all fucked off, but thought I would let plod know about it as ASB. Its a problem around here as they are mostly left at the front of properties by the pensioners.
    35 quid a pop for a new bin.
    That's how long I waited on hold before giving up.
    Now that's the non emergency number, the same I use at work. We have been instructed by an inspector no less to use that number only or 101 for shoplifters unless violent.
    I have waited 45 minutes just to get an answer on more than one occasion.
    Average is 15-20 minutes.
    The system is fooked
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  14. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Britain faces a bleak future as law and order break down.

    That this happening in not by chance, but the manifestation of decades of socialist undermining of the fabric of Britain in their quest to establish a communist dictatorship here.

    Lamentably, the socialists are acheiving their goal.
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  15. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Britain needs to study and emulate the policies of one of her former colonies and map out a new approach to law and order and much more besides.

    The name of this former colony?, the island of Singapore.

    The Singaporeans could teach their former mother country a lot on how to deal with many of today's issues.

    Bring it on.......
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