crime busting chuffa train

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. "Obviously at the moment, the clear-up operation is very much still under way there."

    Yup, I bet it is.
  2. The driver says he's sorry he missed the other two...
  3. i wander what they were nicking on quad bikes?? or was it the bikes them selfs?
    and lastly trains are quite big and loud ... or so i thought couldnt they see it coming ? .... ok ok at night maybe not see it but at least hear the thing?
  4. Guess what the Welsh Plod will be wearing this winter?
  5. Spad- not over the noise of their engines, passenger trains aren't that loud.

    Apparently they nicked a load of Gore-Tex jackets from Go Outdoors.

    One of the papers says the train was unscheduled. My arrse, it just didn't run that very often. It matters not- you go trackside at your own risk. Serves them right for being there, the fact that they're thieving scrotes just means it's no loss, except for the damaged jackets.
  6. It's been a good year for Darwinism! :D

    Any news on the inevitable Facebook tribute page to the "fallen sodjers, ennit"? :roll:
  7. I hope one of them was one of the scroats who nicked my car & wrote it off a couple of years ago.

    I think I'll give my mate a ring. He's a train driver on that line, I wonder if it was him. If it was I think I'll buy him a crate of beer.
  8. word up dooouuuggggg
  9. The runaway train came down the track and she blew
    The runaway train came down the track and she blew
    The runaway train came down the track killed a chav and fcuked a Quad
    They found a head minus a Bod now there is a big search by plod.
  10. Turns out it wasn't my mate thank God. Saves me buying him a crate.
    His text reply is as follows (apologies for swearing in the Int. Cell)

  11. Hope the drivers ok, the guys done the public a great service .
  12. "We will be following up all lines of enquiry" I wonder if the irony of that remark was lost on the police spokesperson?

    If the driver wastes another chav on the line, does he as per TFL rules get to retire on full pay / pension and tea with Prince Phillip once a year?
  13. The train was an additional Empty Coaching Stock move from Cardiff to Gloucester according to my source in the signal box. Class 158's 2 Chavs 0

  14. This is pretty local for me and as I repair trains these days might get to scrape some chav innards off a 158.....there is a God :D