Crime boss brokered nuclear-delivery missile sale to Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. THE British government was warned more than two years ago that Iran had illegally acquired a missile system capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

    It has emerged that a foreign government delivered the warning to Britain in early 2004.

    Separately, it has been disclosed that the system was sold to Iran by a former senior member of the Ukrainian security service. The deal was brokered by an organised crime boss and, it is feared, contributed to the Iranian nuclear programme that is now the subject of an international confrontation.

    Iran had also been using large cash payments to lure technical and scientific staff from Ukraine to work on its nuclear programme. Other targets of the bribes included one former head of Ukrainian intelligence, who was offered $5m (£2.6m) to help the rogue state, but he rejected it.

    Last year, Ukrainian prosecutors announced they were investigating the illegal sale of at least 18 cruise missiles to Iran and China in 2001.

    The Ukrainians were supposed to have destroyed or transferred to Russia their share of the former Soviet nuclear arsenal. The Americans funded a massive disarmament project, but considerable amounts of weaponry are thought to have disappeared in the interim period.

    Article in full,,2087-2340572,00.html
  2. No surpsrise's there then?
  3. Note the smear attempt in this article.

    They may have been illegaly sold but how does that make their acquisition 'illegal'?

    More Murdoch bias.
  4. as I understand it, end user certificates have to be held by the country buying the missile in order for the contract to be legal. Since no end user certificates were issued the contract is illegal and therefore BOTH parties in that contract have broken international law