Crime and Punishment

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diehard57, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone else think that in todays society the punishment doesn't always fit the crime?

    My solution would be to reintroduce a few historic examples of punishments as follows

    Branding - all convicted muggers, thiefs, shoplifters etc would be branded on their foreheads with a 'M', 'T' or 'SL' thus giving the rest of us a heads-up - no pun intended!

    The rack - don't spend hours trying to out-psych a suspect who is unwilling to talk - a few turns on the rack should be enough.

    The stocks and pillory - don't faff around with Community Payback initiatives - erect a set of stocks or a pillory outside the town hall and provide an ample supply of rotting vegetable and fruit.

    Any other ideas or suggestions? :twisted:
  2. A good talking to from the Head Prefect and no tuck money for a week.
  3. A slap on the back of the bare legs
  4. A good chinese burn to the lower arm....... :wink:
  5. firing squad sorted !!!
  6. remove vital organs and transplant them to those who need it!
  7. Now that really is a useful service to the community :D
  8. how about partial skinning of the guilty, then role them in salt. :twisted:
  9. 2 hours of biscuits AB and Ord Sgt
  10. If their organs are of no use from years of self abuse, then clinical experiments on them to see if the problem can be rectum-fied, then donate :D

  11. Punishments?
    The last two already cost me a sizeable chunk of my salary on a fairly regular basis, you talk about them like its not fun?
  12. Now I'm not a lawyer, but I'd bet cash money that the Human Rights Act might frown upon such activities.

    Personally, I'd settle for not letting self confessed child rapists off with a caution in the police station. LINK

    If you're into, errm, imaginative forms of execution, google 'scaphism'.
  13. Nail scrotum to forehead with rusty 8" nail.

    Makes a handy terminal to which to attach the positive lead in case lobotomy is also required. Negative lead can be inserted up bum.