Crimb oeve and Working

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blindfire, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. Bah humbug - its christmas eve and I'm stuck at work with bog all to do.

    Never mind I can knock off at 15.00 and then its a beer frenzy :D :D

    so any other suckers working out there today??
  2. yep. Although I am in the office on my own so if they think I'm staying till
    17.00 they can think again
  3. I'm working until 19.00, then 24 hrs off and start again at 19.00 on Chrimbo day, so there.
  4. im sat in untill 1400 then pub till osillyoo then sleep all day tommorow
  5. Saint - you're just lucky I suppose :D :D
  6. Bollocks its 2000 chrimbo eve here and I will finish at 0700 Chrissy day and then be back again at 1900 for another night. Five days off after that though.
  7. Blindfire, thanks for all your heartfelt concern and may I be the first to wish that all the needles fall off your tree on Chrimbo Day.
  8. Im working til 13:00 hrs today then im in again tomoz 15:00 til 23:00hrs so im buzzin!
  9. Yep, finished at 8am this morning, start again at midnight tonight.

    If I am really lucky, might get to see Santa on his rounds.

    Finish at 8am tomorrow and by 2pm Christmas day, will be slumped in my Xmas dinner.
  10. Warming the office chair here, taken ten calls this morning and four have apologised for troubling me on Christmas Eve. Where the feck do they think I am, at home in bed, pricks. Then it's of to the Nelson to use some beer vouchers. Jollies to all.
  11. Well at least I'm off tomorrow - so I can get well batfaced tonight.

    But back in on wednesday :evil:
  12. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
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    Im in the office today, and have been since 06:30. I will be knocking off at about 19:00, then its home and prep for lunch tomorrow. Not back to work untill thursday. Can't wait.
  13. Know the feeling, I'm in until (hopefully) lunchtime, off tomorrow, then on call from Boxing day for a week, so I will have to make sure I drink enough tomorrow to keep me going for the next week. That's going to be one hell of a headache, but hey, WTF.

    Merry Humbug and Wonderful New Year to all, and for those on ops, goodluck, keep safe and hope ALL of you come home in one piece safely.

  14. Working today, tomorrow and Boxing day! Christmas is cancelled!!!!
  15. Might be for you.......... But I'm still going to get very very happily socially confused tomorrow.