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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rawhide, May 2, 2013.

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  1. Just Mugshots - Browse & Search Mugshots

    American website, just typed my own surname and found 11 hits of state criminals with the same name.

    Now just typing random 'names' for 'fun' (boredom):

    Charles Windsor

    Charles Windsor.JPG

    Chip Monk

    chip monk.JPG

    Eric Shinn

    eric shinn.JPG

    Richard Head

    richard head.JPG

    Harry Potter

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  2. It doesn't surprise me that there are a few 'Rawhides' about. So which one here is you? My vote is for number two, he looks like your avatar.
  3. Oh no! I've got 5 septic tanks that are crims with my name! I'll be on the lookout for black helicopters now....

    It's kinda' creepy innit.
  4. You gonna get raped....
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  5. It does sort of explain the issues on entering the country when there are 11 crims all with the same name and its not necessarily a common name.

    No wonder the FBI/CIA have trouble tracking people.
  6. Could have hours of fun with this, no sign of Heisenberg and Walter White's disguise is very good
  7. This fella looks like Mr Miagi from Karate Kid and he is up for assault - i bet everybody was kung-fu fighting...


    Off to watch some liveleak clips of street kung-fu...
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  8. Now that was funny.. I randomly stuck in the name Hugh Grant and up popped a mug shot of a bloke who looked just like him!
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  9. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Nasty ass little racketeering cunts.

    I do wonder what motivates people to make stuff like this, what posesses people to put other peoples work on youtube for no personal gain - etc. As you can imagine, it's a subject quite close to my own heart.

    They'll take your mugshot down for the low low price of $150.
  10. Bizarrely 'Orenthal (OJ) Simpson' doesn't return the expected result.
  11. Some unlucky fuckers in the States...

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  12. Typed my drunk of a brothers name in and what came out looked almost like his Amrican dopplegangers.
  13. Lefty did you find a wild card or just spend hours on looking up surnames with wank in it?
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