Cricket lovely cricket

Two old West Indian guys, Neville and Victor had been best friends all of their lives.
Victor had been ill and was dying, so Neville was visiting him in hospital every day.
One afternoon Neville said "Victor, you know how we both loved cricket so much and how we used to play together when we were younger?
Well Victor, you gotta do me a favour, when you die and get to Heaven, You have to somehow send me a sign, to let me know if there's cricket in Heaven."
Victor struggled to lift his head from the pillow, then said......
"Neville, you been the best friend I ever had, if it's possible to let you know , I swear my last oath to you, I will do it." Later that night Victor passed away in his sleep.
The funeral was held a couple of days later and after it was over, Neville went home filled with a sense of great sadness and loss.

A couple of months later, Neville was woken up at two oclock one
morning, when he heard a voice calling "Neville, Neville, wake up."
"Who's there?" Neville asked.
"It's me Victor !"
"It cant be?"
"Yes it is, I promised you I would get in touch with you if I could, about the cricket !!"
"OH MAAANNN,.......... TELL ME !!" said Neville.
Victor said"Well I got some real good news,... and some not so good news."
Neville said "Well tell me the good news first."
"OK," said Victor "The good news is, there is cricket in Heaven, but better still, me and all our old buddies who have died over
the years.....well, we're all young men again. We play cricket all day long, every day, without ever feeling tired and it's sunshine all the time, it never ever rains."
"Really?" said Neville "That's fantastic,.. wonderful, ..beyond my wildest dreams !............But what about the bad news??"

Neville said...."You're opening the batting tomorrow morning !!!" :eek: :eek:

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