Crib cards/Comd cards/QBOs?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Voltiguer, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. Alright all,

    3 points-

    1. What crib cards do you all reckon it's switched-on to carry on you? I've a Sect QBOs and a Warning Order/SPOTOCA card at the moment, and laminated handouts on calling in indirect fire and mine encounters. Anything I should be adding to this? METHANE/Casevac cards?

    2. I've no Platoon Comd's QBO card, but I've a Sect Comd's one. I'm guessing its probably a bit too OPSEC to send the whole of it via the interwebs, but I remember them being pretty similar - would I be right in thinking that its just the 'subordinate units and taskings' bit I need to expand to cover the various Sects rather than Fireteams? Apart from that, they're the same?

    3. If anyone has a copy of 'the Pl Comd in the advance and attack' aide memoire that goes on the back of those QBO cards (as opposed to the Sect Comd one I have on the reverse of Sect QBOs), that'd be bloody handy too. If it is allowable to send it on the interweb or put it on the e-nyrex? Can a Mod who's more au fait with OPSEC issues and just what is allowable advise?

  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Ahha! Cheers, I'd seen the E-nyrex before, but hadn't realised you'd gotten Pl Comds QBOs. Will have a proper gander, and then have a word with myself :p
  4. Just had a look, the Pl Comds Adv to Contact aide memoire goes into a quick 7Qs etc.

    Any chance we could have 'Pl Comd in the Adv and Attack', i.e. what he does prior to contact, through to 'lead off to the FUP' and such, as we've got for the Pl Sgt?

  5. Casevac cards now consist of a 9 Liner and something else beforehand to warn of IRT
  6. Isn't 9 liner the American/NATO one thats already on Enyrex, as opposed to METHANE?
  7. Yes it is didn't realise it was on e-nyrex.

    If you are off on ops eCas card maybe useful
  8. Not for a year or so yet.

    It did cross my mind that ECAS and AH CIFS would be handy in that sort of environment tho 8O

    Edit: Just to confirm then, have we binned METHANE? Do we use the US?NATO way of calling for Casevac, even if we are talking to other Brits?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Seem to have lost that one :(

    Perhaps someone can ping it over to me?

  10. Aye, we had it on the reverse of the Pl Comds QBO card, but no cards were issued to us - it was a rotate them as we rotated comd appointments jobby.

    Plenty of Sect Comds stuff doing the rounds though :s
  11. Think its in the Inf Pocket book and I have an electronic copy of that
  12. My bold
  13. Great stuff, just checked my AATAM Inf insert and 'Pl Comd in the Adv & Attack' is in there!

    Along with a 'Sect Quick Attack Planning Guide' - which looks like it'd do scaled-up for pl attacks as well, TBH.
    Sect Quick Attack Orders there as well (p 1-5) but no Pl ones. We have Pl Comds QBOs on E-nyrex though I believe...

    Whilst we're on the subject of TAMs, anyone know if there is a way to print them off DII or Elec Battle Box onto waterproof paper so's they can be cut-up and put in a folder? We could do with a couple of extra ones but looks like its going to be a complete ballache to 'DIY' it :(
  14. msr

    msr LE

    When you get mobilised, you will be told which one to use.

    P.S. Am trying to track down the card you asked for. I was sure I had one, but cannot now lay my hands on it.
  15. I suspect the waterproof paper from HM Supplies et al will not let the ink dry and be smudge resistant. Rite in the Rain produce waterproof paper that can go through a printer. Not sure what the ink will be like once it gets wet. Not tried it so don't know the results.

    There is a product on the market that is a waterproofer I think it's like fabseal for your boots/clothing that you can dip paper stuff in to waterproof it. My old OC used to do it for his maps but I never found out what the product was to try it.

    Edited to add that wasn't relly what you asked. I believe once you tell your printer the page size they will adjust its settings and print accordingly