CRGs own C.P courses.

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by parasigs, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. Ive just been on the website and looked at CRG close protection courses. Anyone got any feedback on these?
  2. would be interesting to see what they have since they were bidding for phoenix along with armor.

    Likely to be sub conned out as facilities/infrastructure set up is very expensive.

    wouldn't like to guess what profit margin is left for the contractor!
  3. Heard a rumour that prospective employees would have to fork out for the course prior to engagement with no guarentee of work

    Please correct me if I'm wrong

    However the CRG new starters day rate appears to have plummeted to about 170 quid a day!!!!!

    Once again correct me if I'm wrong
  4. worse than that mate. try 150 per day....and you don't get paid on leave. Happy days! :x
    Money may stabilise next year, but the coy's living up to the Cheap Rate Guys moniker thats for sure.....
  5. What a pile of fucking bollocks. Pay peanuts you get monkeys, and in this case, sadly not the very-professional-and-best-training-there-is kind! :D Why anyone would leave the Army to go there for that much is beyond me. Then again, you might leave Ritzys to go there for that much....well, there ya go. Shite. The good people have been getting off that sinking ship for quite a while now. I remember not so long ago when they cut the wages to £250 a day and the disgruntled folks then. At £150, they are going to have quite a few "Accidents".
  6. Nice comments cliffy, worth remembering that theres not many Bill Oddies doing top cover around Basra earning 150 a day!
  7. True, but thats nothing new, plus it's not just a case of chasing the pound that people get out for.
    Plus if you get in the shiite out on the ground you don't have the back up that those serving do.
    Plus there's a certain, er, stigma, that you get from blokes still in when you're doing private work. One thats not so evident up north. Still trying to get my head round that one........ :?
    Oh, and you get beer cards issued when you're still in....
  8. Muzzleflash, you've also got to remember contractor work is often inherantly unstable. 150 quid a day may sound alright, but you have to bear in mind the guys only get paid that while they are working. You don't get the associated family benefits you do in the army, and all that other good stuff.

    Plus, when you factor in how much of a cut the company is taking per man, that is when you really start to get disgusted. Bunch of ex-rodneys sitting in London getting fat while trimming the wages of the guys on the ground - these wage cuts are not balanced top to bottom for the whole contract in most cases. Don't get me wrong (and I've certainly made some decent money off this malarkey - not doing it anymore), if the rodneys weren't there to win over clients, no-one would have any work - but I have seen what the Iraq contractor scene has become having been in it since early 04, and the hey-day is definately past. And these rodneys are effectively selling services performed by the guys on the ground but I don't see them personally taking the paycuts.

    As Woody says, the back up on the ground is not great and even if your company has an agreement with the "local" US/UK military, they are not exactly going to come rushing to your aid. So while there are not even any WO1's running around doing top cover for that money, you can't ever relax as a contractor because when the contract ends, you always need to be looking for the next one. 150 a day represents a serious drop.
  9. No argument with that lot cliff and believe me mate, I'm well in the picture as to just how unstable the whole security contractor malarkey is. The sad thing is that a lot of young lads leave a stable and promising career in the Army, having being lured into fantasy land by the mistaken belief of easy work and plentyful money - how wrong they are!!
  10. You are exactly right there mate, when I started over there during the happy days, Britwise there were not many of the young lads, just a bunch of older ex SNCO's who were largely linked in on the old boy net having done anywhere from 8-22 years in their respective service.

    It is a shame to see some of the younger ones jumping ship for a temporary job, however, they could always rejoin at a later date I suppose - wouldn't be surprised to see that a lot. Even thought about it myself, because I ended up working with a lot of my former Army mates -after being out a couple of years I had missed it quite a bit. Sadly, the actions of late of the above described ex-ruperts has reminded me why I got out in the first place, so I won't be rejoining now!
  11. Gents, its been very interresting following this thread. As a former Rodney and somewhat long in the tooth, I had considered following up a paying gig abroad, the rational was always financial so hearing about the falling pay rates before I pay out 5-6K on training will at least give me pause for thought.


    Oh BTW I always thought of myself as more of a Rupert. :)
  12. very interesting to read everyones comments above. I am currently in the process of leaving the Army after 9 years service and hoping to move into the comms area with a psc in Iraq. (I am a Signals Instructor at present). Having booked on a commercial comms course for resettlement along with a proj managementcourse, is there any advice you can give me. Are companies actively recruiting people like myself?

    Thanks for your help.
  13. i left the signals after 13 years and came out to Iraq doing PSD work in early 2004
    comms jobs are few and far between, you need to be looking at Aegis as you could slot in as a watch keeper earning similar money to the lads on the ground but without the risk!
    its knowing someone out here to give you the leg up otherwise you could be on the end of a very long list.
    also the 264 lads are gobbling up the work through the oldboys network and their own newsletter for the ex serving lads.

    gone are the days of pop star wages, but it was good when it lasted

    the wages are tumbling and the risks are increasing
    the average wage is between 225-250 for a shooter
    and if you are doing comms for aegis the average wage is around £70k a year
    but remember that Aegis run their ship just like the military, so if you are a disgruntled squaddie i suggest looking elsewhere.

    i hope this has helped you mate
    and goodluck with the path that you choose!
  14. Thanks for the reply, and the advice neemo. Its good to hear lots of different views from other people. The trouble is you hear such contrasting opinions that its hard to really know where you stand. I do have some contacts in the industry, but I dont want to solely rely on them as there are no guarantees. I have a while until im out so I will continue to gather advice and info from people like yourself.

    Thanks again

    if anyone else has any other opinions or advice please continue to post.
  15. Might be worth expanding on that comment to inform the lads who might still be tempted, they could well be responsible for finding their own 'Personal Insurance and Medical Expenses' should they be wounded in theatre from the said £150 per day. Now how much are we really looking at in the pocket? :meditate: