Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Thuggerz, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, i've looked up CREWMAN RA and CREWMAN TECH RA in my carrers guide but can't pin point what each job does. Here is the lift of all RA jobs in the booklet:

    Gunner artillery command systems
    Gunner artillery logistics
    Gunner as90
    Gunner High velocity missle
    Gunner light gun
    Gunner naval gunfire observer
    Gunner obseration post (op) assistant
    Gunner phoenix operator
    Gunner radar operator
    Gunner rapier
    Gunner sound ranger
    Gunner targeting

    Will all these jobs come under CREWMAN RA and CREWMAN TECH RA?

    Thanks for the help in advance!!!
  2. In a word - NO
  3. hi FaceLikeAPingPongBall, thanks for your input
  4. Gunner artillery command systems - Working in command posts and using radio equipment and other vaguely techy equipment. Become highly skilled in making bres and hiding the hob-nobs from the BC

    Gunner artillery logistics – errr driving the BQMS truck ? Selling choccie bars, crisps and warm weak lager to the lads

    Gunner as90 - Hurtling around the training area in a big smelly thing with an overlong barrel that signifies you have a small penis. Abuse animals and small children (read subbies) on a regular basis and lag over each other at endex.

    Gunner High velocity missle - Get to carry and fire dirty great missles at passing passenger airlines safe in the knowledge you will never do this for real. Be the but of a lot of jokes.

    Gunner light gun – as AS90 Gunner except you tow it and its not so big, there will be a 66.6% chance you will be surrounded by loud people with funny coloured berets, if so prepare to run a lot

    Gunner naval gunfire observer - You will definitely be surrounded by funny berets (all shaped in a peculiar way) and lots of badges, saunter around in the shadow of real sneaky beaky types and get run A LOT

    Gunner observation post (op) assistant - Tear off into the area at the start of exercise and get to hide from the BSM till endex. Get to wear ray banns and an undeserved look of achievement as you are at the “teeth” end

    Gunner phoenix operator - Have fun whilst flying model airplanes, watch as it loses connection never to be seen again and laugh at how much the piece of crap cost the taxpayer. Start flicking through “Modellers Monthly” for a suitable alternative

    Gunner radar operator - Get to drive around in a dirty great truck, zap your radar only to be DF’ed 2 secs later and do a runner, oh and become sterile

    Gunner rapier - Read Gunner HVM, only with a slighty bigger missle

    Gunner sound ranger - Spend the exercise dropping equipment all over the area safe in the knowledge no fecker knows what you do, if they ask, tap nose and give them the “need to know” look.

    Gunner targeting - Learn to wear glasses and speak in a nasally way whilst pretending as a lance jack you are the same level as a Brigadier. Will probably die young from lumincolor poisoning
  5. Hi wellyhead, thanks for the information, but do you know what crewman or crewman technical do? If anyone can help that would great, since i want to consider every option availible to me...Cheers!!
  6. Crewman RA and crewman RA Tech are just a way of breaking down the trades into 2 groups rather than all the different ways that are now used ie Strike Surface to surface
    Strike Surface to Air
    Artillery Logistics
    Mounted Gunner

    Crewman RA were the "non technical" jobs such as gun numbers, stores MT.

    Crewman RA Tech were the "technical" jobs such as Sigs, OP, Radar, Svy etc,

    Wellyheads descriptions of what the jobs do are fairly accurate :?
    What sort of job are you after? gives a couple of lines saying the sort of thing you'd like to do and you'll get pretty honest answers to what they are like
  7. As snakes says , tech = techy stuff, rest = guns n stuff

    T put it bluntly I don't think it matters what you put down, you sort of get assessed at training and they decide whats best for you, there were a lot of guys in my day when we had Gunner Comms got sacked from the signals course before they got anywhere near it, Don't forget these trades come at the end of basic, you've already been there x number of weeks so they have a good grasp at what you are like.

    Also what ever course you do may have no bearing on what you end up doing in the unit, many a gunbunny I know ended up in OP's and even CP's

    As said, tell us what floats your boat and we will steer you in the right direction (honest) the joy of the Royal Regiment is diversity and scope of roles