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Discussion in 'RAC' started by STAB2ARABConverter, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone, i started my application 4 months ago and have only just got my first interview date as the NHS managed to lose my medical forms for a while.

    Unfortunately for me i am a cnut and wrote down on the application that i want to be a tank crewman before reading much about it or about other cavalry roles. NOW i have decided i would like to try for mounted dutyman/tank crewman. My interview is on the 6th, next tuesday, and i will be asking the Sgt there but would like to ask you lot if its too late to change what i want to do and will the recruitment lads take this indecision badly?

    Thank you for any advice.
  2. No it's not too late to change, any job choice is subject to you meeting the standards at ADSC.
    Your Recruiter should encourage you and advise you of all the available options.
  3. Why change? Nowt wrong with Tank crewman and you will not end up shovelling horse sh1t all day, unless you want to that is. Most cav regiments still have a stable.
    Then again i maybe slightly biased with my views and i am sure somebody else will give you different advice.
    Whatever you decide all the best. Just aslong as it is cavalry you cant go wrong (9/12th L excluded)
  4. join the second to much BU**S**T in the Cav tankies is where you want to be :headbang:
  5. I wanted to change because i love the smell of shite. Seriously though i really want to be part of Formation Reconnaissance instead of armoured, and also have the chance to ride an 'oss again. Our old neigh-bours (see what i did there?) had some horses and i rode one as a kid but never got back in the saddle after we moved. Plus i've always wanted to be part of the pomp and cermony etc, something to be proud of.
  6. The Blues and Royals (now with real royals included) is the best choice for a mounted role and an option to be a crewman after if you want. There is also a little known regiment called the Life Guards if you like wearing red.
  7. Thanks for the links. Is it more a case of Ceremonial OR Operational, with only a few with the option to train as both or is it Ceromonial THEN Operational? The first would infuriate me a touch because id like to do both. Cheers for the advice.
  8. That site just answered my questions. Thanks again. Did you enjoy the ceremonial as muc has the ops butler?
  9. I opted out and crewed CVR/T then MBT and finaly a trolly full of Tea :headbang:
    but there are so many different things you can do in the H/Cav all the other Cav and tank regiments are jealous. OH YES YOU ARE. :numberone:
  10. Having been your recce back in the old days, no im not, nor when i was acting as runner in ops room, belfast, did i want to listen to a 22 year old lt, whose grandmother owned the land heathrow is built on, and earnt a 1p a plane, nor his sodding uncle who owned new south wales, and kept saying, boy,get me a tea.

    Mind you it was funny when your Sqdn OC was arrested for having pics of boys in his house in Germany, and your SSM had to take 500 bottles of pills just to operate.

    Not so funny was the rest of the tour, the lads were a great bunch, just anyone above Sgt seemed a nutter
  11. Ros Bif. Looks like its the H/Cav for me then. I have to take a run time for my 1.5 miles to the interview apparently, why is the selection run so short considering the stamina needed in the army??
  12. No such animals :thumleft:
  13. See, well COH or Head Crabplate polisher, like i said wierd, mind you so was the Cpl or equivalant who during NI training dressed as a woman not only on duty but when he went down town, still gets brought up when we meet at OCA does.

    First time i saw on scheme, a table laid with china for the officers, and they still had compo rats

  14. That would be (0H) Zero Hotel I had the pleasure of working on that call sign right up untill Comd 5 Airborne discovered it's existence. During the second world war they used to take silver and paintings with them till half of it got nicked by arabs :brilsmurf:
  15. I thought Zero Hotel bit the dust when it burnt down in mysterious circumstances (was it the Butler?) on Soltau in about 1989. Anyway, us lowlife in the squadrons never got a look in, not so much as a corn dog sarnie after the O Group, and if dinner was announced before questions, then tough sh*t, dinner took priority and we all bimbled back to our hides none the wiser.

    In fact the Life Guards had a far superior set up, run by the larger than life Lord D***ney (substantive LCoH, local SCpl!). His packed lunches were legendary, mainly intended to wind up the brigade staff as we turned up to TEWTS with individual wicker baskets of smoked salmon sandwiches, flasks of game soup and half bottles of wine. Those days are long gone. It was fun, but there are other priorities in life and I can´t see the Zero Hotel chef taking on the Taliban with a soup ladle and a pan of caremelised challots.

    Back to the thread - go HCAV, best of all worlds.