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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TA_sig, May 15, 2006.

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  1. After a somewhat 'interesting' weekend, what is the lowest number of bodies that you have set-up and run a ptarmigan Trunk Node with? Fully tactical like. What should it be per det on average?

    Feck I'm knackered, we need some fresh blood in the troop soon.
  2. Bad weekend mate ? Bet those lads from my place got the shots in straight away eh ?
  3. Well for switch bitches, I've seen it done with 2 for 2 weeks (ran camp in school/university time).
  4. ta_siggy each det should have a minimum of 2 crew, why what did you get ?
  5. Your lot were non tac with Ech, HQsqn, OSC and anyone else so blessed watching the FA cup final while the rest of us were getting comms in, stagging on in rain (much of it), cold (much of it) and being dead warry/tired/pissed off.

    About 2 hours from end of play one of your guys dropped the wrong mast and blew comms in the middle of the CO doing something on the net, heh. Think the entire group knows about that one by now, dunno who it was though. Almost as bad as the third TN though, their relay was swinging onto the wrong freaking location for ages and blaming us, couldn't even get us after giving em a B6 to swing to (apparently this is bad). The sleeping trade instructor may have upset a few people with the skill his proteges seem to lack.
  6. Pull the other one! The only time I worked with northeners I saw what went on, tools down beers out etc.
  7. You were probably with the Regiment's favorite Sqn.
  8. The one with a high concentration of female manoids?
  9. Well thats the way it goes sometimes mate...badly. To be fair we had no qualified relay ops out on the ground, my det was crewed by a techy and the spsi, unless i am much mistaken

    How about this weekend, in Otterburn, all the cam creme you can eat ?
  10. Got togo , pm me with the gory details, I'll see if I can log in tomorrow
  11. Erm aren't you forgetting the very important football match on Sunday, that many of your Sqn may be interested in? Some from southern neighbours are parading just down the road from your main 'polar' TAC
  12. Football is for GAYS
  13. heathen!
  14. TA_Sig

    I have seen my TN Tp set up and run a TN (only for a weekend, thank feck) with 9 bods (4 PSI's and 5 TA). We binned the NC wagon and only had 3 RRs out but we did provide 24 sentry cover.

    Do I win the prize?
  15. TN = 35 pax minimum but assumes 3 x triple RR
    SAN = 10 pax
    OSC = 4 pax

    If you're short of pax there is only one of two reasons:

    1. Inadequate numbers available
    2. Inappropriate priority of the EX

    1. is a function of recruiting v retention v availability - which is it for you?

    Many hands make light work...