Crew eject from Tornado

Maybe it's a cunning plan to crash all of them so HMG has to stump up for the upgrade of the Tranche 1 Tiffies?
Good point. Also, maybe they just can't be arrsed with the herculean maintenance effort to prove Tornado is good any more, now that they've successfully gotten rid of Harrier, and think they've destroyed the FAA...
Maybe the crew were just in a hurry to get to the bar?
Curious that PPRuNe said the aircraft's on it's wheels on the grass. Loss of directional control? The BoI will tell more, as usual.
Watched a Phantom do exactly the same at Waddington back in about 83-84. Coningsbys runway was being redone so all the F4s were using Waddo for a few months. Approached normally, landed normally, popped his drogue then all of a sudden two bangs and crew disappearing at a high rate of knots vertically. Aircraft came to rest on its wheels on the grass just off the main runway. They had lost nose wheel steering and the aircraft started to veer off the runway. Aircraft had just come off a CAP with live Sparrows and Sidewinders so I guess they werent too fussed about staying with it as it left the runway.
Nice pic of the aircraft here proving that Crabs do work past 1700.
Only in execptional circumstances and under protest i cant help but think.

Must be an intresting sight seeing a crewless Tornado careering round an Airfield.
More from the BBC. Photo looks like they banged out while they were on the deck

BBC Linky


Lets hope that we do not loose another one next month, as 3 in 3 months will set alarm bells ringing and a possibility of grounding the whole fleet until full investigations have been completed.

Lets hope that the pilots don't get any superstitious jitters !

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