Crew eject from Tornado


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Just came up on the news wires Tornado Crashes on Landing at Lossiemouth.

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2 in 2 months the RAF realy are downsizing the tornado fleet on the quite,
but didnt some old aviator once say any landing you walk away from is a good one espechially for these two post ejection :)


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They are starting to be a bit careless and lossing things
Maybe it's a cunning plan to crash all of them so HMG has to stump up for the upgrade of the Tranche 1 Tiffies?
smells like an insurance scam to me claim on your policy get a nice shiny new typhoon to replace crappy old tornado......... cynical?me?
Surely just a government ploy to scrap them on the cheap, and not have to get a mention in the SDSR.
Should we start a book on when the next one pancakes?

I think I'd rather drive a Harrier than one of these, the rate they're dropping.

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