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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by dizzy_blonde, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. im on my crew commanders course in september and my nyrex folder is pretty dated!

    i would really appreciate any up to date cribs you guys have from section battle drills to cam and concealment.

    if you could just cut and paste them on to here i can transform them to create a blonde birds guide to the big boys army :)

    and any other tips or advice would be most appreciated

    blondy :D
  2. Out of curiosity is this the same as for the RAC (recce) crew commanders?
  3. It is, in short ant just a leadership course !

    anything for me?
  4. Ahh then I'm sure I can, if not personally I can more than likely get you oodles of stuff from the seven chaps who've just done the course, before september. Block leave isn't helpful though. However I'm sure quite there will be others on here who can contribute.

    Any clues as to what exactly you're looking for?
  5. I can help there but it depends on what type of crew commanders you want to be . On recce crew comanders some people totally fill up the commanders folder with total rubbish , you dont use half of it any way . All you really need off the top of my head are -
    1) Arty fire mission format
    2) Stag list (radio and ground)
    3) NBC 1 report form
    4) Range card( square one not the target shaped one )
    5) OPFOR (GENFOR) order of battle
    6) few photos of threat you may encounter
    7) If your a biff contact and sighting report format
    No doubt other people will come up with other ideas , just remember there is no point in filling your nyrex full of stuff you will not use and i lot of it is job specific .If you require any more info pm me as i have loads of crap on disc that nobody ever uses but looks good , i hope that helps .
  6. section battle drills, TAM's (orders), NBC, range cards and any other infantry style stuff that will fill my nyrex!

    blondy :)
  7. Can provide section battle drills, TAMs stuff and some other nice little Infantry bits and bobs without hassle. Will you be needing the 7 questions?
  8. no thanks ant thats above my station more the officer side!

  9. Ok how about dinner and lots of sweaty fun? No?

    Hmmph, just the infantry type stuff it is. PM me an email address or by the other means (if it's working) and I'll send the typed stuffed and scan the templates. Anything for a blonde eh.
  10. Dont think that as an NCO on crew commanders you dont touch orders . You do 7 questions, the combat estimate, ground brief's . It may be worth having a heads up from one of your ''brighter officers '' . Recce troop leaders and recce crew commanders do exactly the same tactics phase together . You will need an up to date set of TAMS these should be issued to you on your course .
  11. See if youcan get Cuddle's paws onto an electonic battlebox CD set, It contains things like TAMS etc, which youcan print the relevant bits off

  12. I don't understand why you require Arty CFF? Are you conducting Arty Tgtg on the Cse? If so you can get it from TAM.s. If you need any more Gunner malarky then PM me. :D
  13. dont really need much they sort you out down there, if not just ask and the boring wigs at the tatics wing will get anything you want. enjoy the course, gunnery is a piss up and so is warminster, i did it and cruised it, easy course, 9/12 do it!
  14. im on it now, i suggest not to worry so much on that stuff, i strongly advise to get down the gym. hard graft