Cressida Dick looks Stuffed

Equally, there will be no lockdown or curfew in the coming days, because there isn’t enough cops to enforce it. Even with the military mobilised I don’t think it could be effectively policed.
Nor should it, but I accept city conditions are different. I still need to exercise my dog and am normally out when other people not. Any people i meet as dog walkers are very responsible.


War Hero
Build accomodation blocks , canteen , gym, bar on Police property for any Police that want to avail themselves of it.
Cheap accomodation, cheap food, cheap gym and a cheap bar.
It would make their wage packet go much further, make their bodies fitter and make morale and esprit de corps higher.

Win, win, win.
That was Hendon training centre in the 80's
As ex-colonial will attest Colonial Police generally had their own cantonment for all ranks -- this way, lowly front line constables and their families were in protected zone away from riff-raff who might seek revenge or other retribution. Illustrious chaps like ex-colonial were housed as well and has their own pub which had excellent prices to match the Army messes. The primo Mess was the Mobile Unit which for all practical purposes was an infantry unit designed to deal with 'riotous acts by enemies of the Queen' and any other local villains who fancied a crack at members of the NRP. On one particular occasion the platoon leader, "Captain Mobbs", rounded up a raft of empty 45 gallon drums and stuffed 4 or more rioters into each drum -- the inhabitants then had to clutch on each other to prevent spilling over and hurting each other in a fall. Surprisingly no medal or commendations fro dealing so swiftly and so lacking in fatalities or "Heroes of the Revolution"

My bold very true, even down to accommodating our "houseboys" and their families. Indeed part of the employment law was that each employer in NR was responsible for the housing, feeding & welfare including health of each employee. In the NRP we were provided with free accommodation for them & they could use the healthcare provided free for our Police. Apart from paying their wages out of our pay, we had to provide basic food, normally a large 25 kilo sack of mealie flour and a few pieces of "boys" meat, normally offcuts from the better meat.
This cost us about 10% of our pay.
Our own food we had to pay for out of our mess bills which also covered the cost of the mess staff, 1 cook, 1 waiter, 1 barman occasionally interchangeable with the waiter dependant on the size of the mess. Also 1 garden "boy" to keep the surrounding area tidy, often a son of one of the other servants so paid very little.
Each mess had its own elected mess president who had to organise the staff & food plus the sourcing of the drinks for the mess, which were sold at a very small profit to help defray the staff costs, other overheads such as water, electricity & fittings were paid for by the govt., unless, as happened occasionally in particularly wild parties, they were burnt/smashed, when we or a particular guilty member had to stump up as I explained in one of my reminisces.

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