Credit where its due

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Gaz_SWVOC, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. I know we all take the proverbial out of our beloved Corps Museum but I have to give it a slight bit of credit here.

    Yesterday my OC came down with news of promotion for me and gave me a MTP rank slide. Being attached to Int Corps, I was never going to get the Signals rank slide that we all must wear, so I jumped onto DII and went to the museum website and ordered them, expecting to have to dodge people from 3DSR and 12x trying to pick me up for being incorrectly dressed for the early part of next week.

    Imagine my suprise when the postie pushed them through my letterbox this morning. It seems that somewhere, in the deepest darkest corner of the museum is someone actually doing a good job!!!

    Still pissed off I had to stump up a fiver for rank slides.
  2. There are still quite a few people knocking about with the normal PCS rank slide despite us all being threatened with pain of death if we didn't get the super duper ones from the corps museum. Been so for good few months now so you would prolly get away with it to be fair!
  3. Still too many over-excited people around the place mate. Better safe than sorry.
  4. Yeah, someone there's doing a good job, ordered a "Task Task Task" print from them earlier this year, arrived the next day! Now't better to do than sell stable belts to sprogs I s'pose. :p
  5. What's wrong with the PCS slides?
  6. Nowt. It's all about looking 'old skool'. 58 pattern belts are all the rage this season as well!
  7. Are these those b0llocks olive green ones that we've never worn before?

    I've been wearing a belt from my crag hopper hiking trousers...
  8. I have heard it told that the throbber that occupies the Senior Soldier chair does get a bit irate with anyone not willing to shell out their own funds to dress as an advert for the Corps. More stable belts, TRFs and rank slides please!!
  9. 'Cuz' who runs the shop now is on the ball, he was a shit soldier though :p
  10. He visited our place last week and I don't wear the new Corps ones and he said nothing. There is a top level re-think underway with regards this issue.
  11. About time IMHO.

    There has been a bit on the Corps Colonels faceache page regarding this. Coincidence?
  12. He was against it from the start it was a recently departed (RIP) retired officer who brought this in.
  13. I hope a sensible decision is made. For far to long youngsters (and others) have been getting dry humped for TRF's, stable belts and unit badges.
  14. Well seeing as no one else bothered - congratulations on the promotion and you now owe me a virtual pint!