Credit Crunch, Life and the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Op_tesco, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Dear colleagues,

    I have just returned from tour. I've lost my job and have suffered a personal anguish of late. I feel like crap and am struggling with alcoholism (or so I think). I have seen SSAFA councillors and doctors up the yazoo. Apparently I have post viral fatigue syndrome (an illness I had during tour). I try to keep busy and look for a job. I need to be the tower of strength for my folks and find that I am losing my grip.

    My friends ( the ones I value) are rallying round but I have found with talking to those recently returning are having similar problems. I ask the question why do we do this only to be crapped on from the civvy world. I find that practically no-one recognises the skills and experiences that I posess.

    Are we deluding ourselves as to what we can acomplish? I joined to better myself but i am seen by some other people as a strange person who doesn't posess the skills to hold even the most basic of posts.

    There is many rumours of limited MTD's and shedding of personnel. Is this just a big con for those who feel they could contribute? The TA is apparently heading on a rocky road, Whats the general view and how do those who have been out and came back feel they are getting on?

    I welcome your replies
  2. C'mon folks post your views. There has to be an opinion here somewhere?
  3. Well, if it helps, when I returned from Afghanistan in April, I found the transition back really hard. I still do, and that’s me speaking from the secure viewpoint of a Regular soldier who has a job to come back to.

    You’re not alone. One of the NCOs who worked for me is also suffering and undergoing treatment at the local Mental Health Centre (along with me). The pressures you can face on some Operational Tours is immense, and to come back to a virtually peacetime Army, never mind back to civvy street, is a real head spinner. I was noticeably different to the Missus and my parents and several months later, I still feel the pressure. I did the POTL thing of drinking my way through leave, but that really only masks the issues, not cures them.

    I can’t comment on your problems with civvy street, but I wish you the very best in finding something that suits your abilities. Take each day as it comes, remember to breathe deeply, and remember that things will get better. It might not seem that way now, and it might take you another few months - maybe even years - but you will get there.

    I have to admit, I don’t know what the procedure is for TA personnel who have problems when they come back off tour. Maybe Chilwell could advise you?
  4. considering your name is op_tesco, can i presume that your "tour" was TOSCA? or are you just back from HERRICK?, need to clarify before i give advice.

    it's also 1230-0100 at night, not a lot of people about.
  5. When I came back to Chillwell, I spoke to a full Col who asked me to call him "bob" pick your cliche and you'll get close lol. I admit a few of my issues are me, but I just feel that at times the army are glad to get us out the door and given recent Uk developments its not heard not seen ! It just seems that although all the hype that we are genuinely the disposable razor of the army use once and then bin it. I am due to go back out soon as a regtl deployment but I am keen to hear how other folk feel. This has been the worst experience in terms of support that i have experienced and feel of late.

    I have known colleagues that have returned with real baggage and I have tried to help them as best I can. With all the chnges and cuts that have been heard of I do in a way feel betrayed. How do you all feel?
  6. Very true on time. Good point. I ve use the name tesco as I feel of late that we are literally picked off the shelf then put in the cupboard till needed again.
  7. so was it herrick? i'm asking as my advice will be different depending on your tour. if tosca then don't worry i'll still try to pass on as much support (or means to get) that i can.
  8. Ive done herrick and tosca. Most recently the former.
  9. ok, clearly you need a bit of support after what you have done, i don't know which unit you are with but your main point of contact should be your ROSO, as he should know every line of official support out there.

    failing him, i would ask for a chat with your CO - they tend to be quite good at sorting things out or getting your CoC to get on the ball. I don't know of any reason why your CO would not have a chat with you, if they get to know about something - like your situation, then they tend to do everything in their power to sort it.

    yes, the TA is under pressure due to budgetry constraints but the TA is used to change and will adapt as necessary.
  10. Get to AA, they don't care what state your in. SSAFA are good to talk to but the people at AA a lot better as they have considerable experience of getting off the bottle. You'll find many current and ex forces people there, I've been a bit shocked at the number of current/former TA - it's been 10-25% of the group at several meetings (the 25% meeting was all from one TA sub unit). Be aware that meetings are very different, I found I didn't like inner city meetings as I couldn't relate to other peoples shares but those in large towns were good. The army apparently will loan you transport to get to meetings but that was a regular who told me that and I'm not sure of the score in the TA.

    Oddly I found the AA a very one army fellowship
  11. AA is also a tremendous place to pull. I went to one in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire a few years ago and spent 3 happy months rutting a woman who had a part in the seminal kids programme 'Johnny Briggs'.
    I got bored when she went back to early morning drinking and negating personal hygiene.
  12. Try giving it more than 20 minutes, Mr Angry.
  13. My thoughts on my first night, loads of ex-bored house wives. Women taking meeting in knee length boots....... (try those near to RTMC)

    My first two meetings back in Leeds have been crap, class values coming into both meetings, with two 'criminal class' prats taking up all the time saying the same things they said last night. If I go by what you say I'm gonna ignore Leeds totally.