Credit cards - Your payment - is it really late ?

I did a similar post a few years ago . Want decent support and THEM to work for YOUR money? and maybe a few quid in the bank?

I am tighter than a Schwabian with a Grandad from Scotland and I hate being fukked over by any bank.

I always - not true due to THEIR internet site being down, not accepting BPFO numbers and all the other "its a computer fault" craap the call centers come up with , always pay on time.

I really do like to borrow money for 56 days without a charge and get free insurance on my purchase as well as getting points to get a free flight to Spain :D

Right , today once again I tried again to pay on line and got the BFPO XXX is not a recognised post code - what another time - never, I'll just bend over and let them do my ARRSE -will I by fukk.

Got a 12 quid charge for trying and being "late in payment"

Called up "help line and spoke to "Ranji" who was helpfull telling me it was " a computer fault and would be fixed as soon as YAWN YAWN YAWN"

OK Ranji , I want to cancell both my cards and the wifes as well - right now.

"OK Mr OB - be right back to you "

15 seconds ( and it was ONLY 15 seconds of Jethro Tull for some strange -but calming musik) I get to speak to-

Bill from Hull :? HTF does that work?

Anyway I tell him I am in the Kate (my address is BFPO FFS) and away for periods of time and did not recieve post , e-mail for some of that time and want to cancel my cards as a 12 quid charge for trying to pay on time is well just shite.

Bill pipes up with...

"OH I agree , fine job, I understand, yes , computers are not the problem, yes, fawn , fawn , Please let me pay you back the 12 quid AND here is an extra 20 quid for being a top bloke"

Anybody away from home i.e their Uk address - get a bill from your credit card provider with a charge on it - that you can explain !!! due to being away etc.

Call them up and tell them your going to cancel, worst thing they say OK and you say "Ill think about it" best thing - Ive got 32 quid for tomorrow nigh on the lash.

Hope it helps 32 quid in my pocket is better than 32 quid in some fat cat banker-*******. :D
Well done, O_B. I have done that only once when I was called away at short notice.

I am like you normally - I use the 56 days in full!


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