Credit Card Info on Stolen X-Box

Beware. i was burgled about 10 days ago and one of the things that went was the x-box. found out yesterday that it had been hooked up somewhere else and over £300 had been taken off the credit card loaded on to the machine for the on-line subscription. they seem to have downloaded every possible game, i'm not sure if they can then be taken off the hard drive and sold but it still cost me a lot of cash. so, if you get your box nicked, make sure the first thing you do is cancel the credit card used on it.
Should be unique to each HD, so if you give Microsoft a call, they may well be able to 'delete' the downloads, and kill the account, might work, might not.
Speak to the CC company. Explain what has happened and the fact it was out of your control. They may well cover the stolen money.


The Police should be able to trace the phone line that the Xbox was plugged into for the downloads, thereby getting an address!

Or, try ringing Micrsoft and see if you can get the phone number yourself, then call them up, pop round with baseball bats.

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