Credit card fraud

Looking for some advice from someone that knows about credit card fraud claims.

I recently sold my IPhone on ebay for £254. The winning buyer asked if he could pick the phone up in person once the paypall payment had cleared. The payment cleared straight away with no problems so he picked the phone up from my house that same day.

However, i've just had an email from paypal yesterday for a chargeback of the amount as the transaction was unauthorised. It turns out the card he used was a clone and the real owner has just received his statement and found several unauthorised transactions on his card. I've had emails from 2 other ebay sellers who have had exactly the same thing happen to them (again they were selling an iPhone).

Paypal say they won't insure the claim because the item was not posted, therefore there is no proof of delivery. I have emails from the buyer stating that he will collect the item in person. I have positive feedback from the buyer on my ebay profile once he had the iPhone. And i have text messages on my mobile from him arranging to pick up the phone.

Paypal have said they are investigating the case, but it is likely that i will be liable for the £254 chargeback. I have sent them copies of all the correspodance i have from this guy. Does anyone know the best way of fighting this case? Any (helpful) advice would be appreciated.

Paypal can correctly charge you back because of their rules you signed up to. Paypal protects the buyer, not the seller. In fact they Sh1t on sellers.

Take the mobile number, ebay details and email addresses to your local Police Station and tell them you wish to report a fraud by false representation.

If they try to fob you off about paypal or the credit card company dealing, tell them no, you want a crime number and you would like the matter investigating.

If the seller has a pay as you go mobile they can still obtain certain info to ID the user and ebay will supply the registered details of the seller.

Apart from that, you've lost your phone and money.

NEVER sell using Paypal and allow collection of goods, guaranteed rip off!

Always get a postal address or cash.

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