Credit Card Fraud Scumbags Address Known

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by roninxix, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Like many people nowadays I've been the victim of a credit card fraud. The person using my details isn't the sharpest tool in the box as I've got their address and phone number off an invoice that was sent to me. I've obviously informed my CC issuer and the police.

    Upon researching CC fraud the general concensus is that the police don't act upon these cases. My CC company have said that they will refund me the money after signing a disclaimer.

    Can anyone offer advice where I stand legally about approaching the individual. I have many ideas about what revenge I'd like to undertake, most of them of the medieval. :twisted:
  2. If you've got their details I'm sure they'd like to receive every engraved spitfire model, hanging wall plates, giant slipper, remote control tidy etc that the Sunday supplements have. A lifetime of pizza, Indian takeaway deliveries would be appreciated too.
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    legally i don't think you have an option.

    I believe that legally it is the credit card company that has lost the money, so only they can press charges/ask the police to investigate, as for approaching them yourself i would suggest that is not a sensible approach.

    Now that I've got the boring bit out of the way, I think a nasty thing to do would be to send several boxes of heavy items sent to them with no postage paid, make it look like a delivery from a mail order place and get them to pay the postage and fee to collect it.


    p.s. this is not in anyway a suggestion to do this.
  4. FiveAlpha

    My Chief of the Domestic staff is on to that as we speak. My idea was leaning more to the red hot poker up the bunghole.
  5. Bunghole and heat is good mate but the mailing idea can't be attributable to you - as an errant OC found out a few years ago.
  6. SR,

    Sadly I know that approaching them isn't the brightest of ideas, but this individual of C******** Road, X, London has seriously fecked me off!!

    (sorry, just to be on the safe side - edited by Judge Dredd)
  7. Happened to myself a couple of years ago. Or course I simply turned the other cheek and let it go. Were I a real man I'd have razed the house, slain their first born son, taken his cattle, burned his crops and salted the earth they grew in. Or alternatively, what fivealpha said.
  8. my OC starting recieving phone calls asking about his donkey. The whole sqn were in on it when on a long weekend they placed adverts into the free press in there local towns advertising a free donkey for offer all that was required was to phone and make arrangements. Two numbers were given his mobile and work number. It went on for months, teach him for being a chod. You could do something similar to the CC thief or make a fake STI letter from the local clinic and send it to his address, do it so the letter is not firmly fixed in, and adress it to the householder,

    contact mags are a good way to go, or if bored look for charity touts and give his address. Or go to the local newsagents and get a newspaper delivery set up, or leave a note out for the milkman for fifteen pints.

    you could really evil with this much fun

  9. Oh Man... You so need to send a few people his address and number so we can all get in on the act... I bet you could give his dog away "free to good home" in his local free advertising paper...or even his car free for spares or repair, and I think his wife could also be a "Mates Rates" dominatrix if advertised in the correct places.

    What about sending him a birthday parcel... His very own real human turd in a box... Pink ribbons the lot...Childish but funny!

  10. I would be so tempted to go round his house and kick his cnut in and siht in his bed however you may well do some time in nick for that so therefore i would plan an OP against him:

    1. I would conduct a CTR to make sure he is in his house and then I would get a list of ALL the take aways that deliever / Taxi Companys in your area - maybe in the 100's
    2. I would then phone them all earlier in the day, Of course withhold your number and book taxis and order loads of food
    3. Get all the food from the takeaways and taxis to come at the same time.
    4. Park up nearby and watch and then laugh- He will be blacklisted for ever
    5. I would then repeat the process a week later, however this time i would use all the products you can send off for in Sunday Newspaper magazines and pay 3 months down the line- His credit rating will go to a bag of shite.
  11. I would certainly let all of his neighbours, friends/colleagues and family know what he's been up to.
  12. And Tough Sh*t on the takeaway firms that lose money on delivering pizzas etc that have to be binned and taxi drivers that lose money by turning up for a non-existant fare.
  13. I bet he is an X.

    (edited by Judge Dredd for legal reasons)
  14. if you have his address, you might be able to get his phone number... get it and then write "want hot cock-fun?" ring xxxx-xxx-xxx on the wall of every public bog, phone-box you can find, esp. in soho...
  15. easy there Adolf