Creatures on the Jezza Kyle show, ITV 2.

just had a look and seeing as I have just eaten had to turn over again
My good man are you referring to the 4 eyed dwarf who looks like she is eating Sugar Puffs?

AHHH her mothers just come on!
Thats the one, like nosferatu and plug from bash street kids lovechild! (I know they are both male!)
Can't believe she has got man friends who will do things to her! Obviously not a blow job from her though!
Barstard. You made me look for Jeremy Kyle.

There's four of them on now, all could do with some serious dentistry. What's the craic here? Fucksakes. Ugly warts.
Beautiful people. Think they were on that film the descent!
Haha, ive made people watch Jezza Kyle! :D Got to love recce afternoons!
muhandis89 said:
Maybe Jordan should attend?
Jordan's got too much class. Yeah, she is das uber-skank and I would'nt do her with yours. But at least she "works" for a living unlike most of the professional Dole-scum on JK. :evil:

They should change the format of the show into something like The Running Man. If they start hunting down and killing these untermench I'll never miss an episode! :twisted:

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