Creator of HESCO Bastion dies

Jimi Heselden dies in segway accident

Segway company owner dies riding two-wheeled machine off cliff - Telegraph

Jimi Heselden killed in Segway accident | Mail Online

Mr Heselden grew up in the deprived Leeds suburb of Halton Moor and, after leaving school at 15, worked at Temple Newsam and Lofthouse pits before setting up his own company.
His life changed in 1990 when he produced a new concertina-style design for wire cage walls, called the Concertainer, which were initially meant to help prevent land erosion. However, they were co-opted for military use and and his business grew rapidly.

Many of his (charitable) donations relate to the military and Mr Heselden, who was awarded an OBE in 2006, gave £1.5 million to the Help For Heroes fund in 2008 when he won a charity auction bid for nine people to fly in Red Arrows.

His company also sponsored a recent armed forces charity concert at Twickenham.

Of his military donations he said; added: 'We often get thank-you letters from troops, saying how one of our walls saved their lives when a bomb went off and this is our way of showing them how much we appreciate what they do.'

Already done, but what a bloke

the man whose product saved more live than the Popes contraceptive policies.

Dies in a ****ing darwin awards style manner

There is no justice in the world

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