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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by bobcherry, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone used their ELCs for anything out of the ordinary that others may wish to do also?

    I know people used to go to South Africa for IT courses and the US of A for flying lessons (or knew a mate of a mate who did!) but what was considered the most outlandish and is it still possible to do something a bit different (as long its considered to be at level 3? Thoughts please.......
  2. You can use your ELC for anything as long as its level 3 or above and of course the provider is registered with ELCAS, which is the downfall of many as the list isnt a big as youd think.

    Also, just because the course is in the US or South Africa doesnt mean the MOD will pay the travel costs, that comes out of your own pocket.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I looked at doing my bike test with an ELC. As the final qualification (ie a bike licence) is not level 3 or above it doesn't qualify.

    Fortunately there are some chaps who offer a level 3 course in motorcycle riding or some such, which just happens to include the test.

    UK Advanced
  4. I have just shy of eight years eligble service due to joining at 16. I am only entitled to £1000 per year package but ive heard that eligble service can start at 17 and a half which would give me the £2000 per year package. Does anyone know ifthere is any truth in this?
  5. Anyone know of a level 3 provider of a cat C or cat C+E driving licence?

    I checked on the elcas website but it seemed as clear as mud, but maybe thats cos I'm now into my second posting in civvy strasse and have lost the ability to understand militarese.

  6. 3A12 : you are registerd for ELC when you enlist so your age on joining has nothing to do with it. Same is true for Resettlement - and i think for pension if you are 05
  7. Foxy you still in the same line of work as you were in Germany?
  8. Cheers codger i will have to get hold of them as i am entitled to more credits. Thanks again
  9. Roberts Training Ltd in Stockton on Tees used to do NVQ Level 3 course.
    Sounds dodgy to me but Google for contact details
  10. Not specific to ELC but an amusing story all the same, well I founnd it amusing. Apparently CTP are contracted to provide as much help to service leavers on their specific chosen career path no matter what the subject is. In fact back in 2004 when I was attending the 3 day CTP course the instructor told us that one female soldier wanted to go into pole dancing and consequently CTP searched high & low for a specific resettlement training provider and eventually sent her down to London to do a 5 day course. Unsure if she would have got this on the ELC scheme as I imagine it does not meet the Level 3 requirement.

    Having hung my uniform up in 2005 I still have ELC money to one side but I too am struggling to find a course that would be of interest as most of what I want to do does not meet with Level 3.
  11. 3A12, you need to check that you are actually registered, if you have a certificate then check the date of your registration, add 8 years onto that, if todays date goes past that then you would be eligible for the higher tier. or simply ring ELCAS quote your name and service number and ask which tier you are entitled to.

    If you arent registered then your 4 years to eligibility starts as soon as you get the paperwork in.

    According to ELCAS, Roberts Training Ltd are nregistered with them:

    Go to this page Enhanced Learning for the Armed Forces and type '1380' into the search box.

    Sluicey, no I'm now applying to get back into theatres.
  12. It was in fact a member of the RAF and she did indeed use her ELC to pay for it, her case is usually bought up on IERO training days:

    MoD pays for pole dancing training - Times Online
  13. if its level 3 or above and the provider is registered with ELCAS, yes.