Creative plumbing delivers beer

A woman said she thought she was in heaven when she turned on the kitchen tap to find a plentiful supply of beer.
Haldis Gundersen was planning to do the washing up when she made the unusual discovery at her apartment in Kristiansund, west Norway.

But two flights below, workers in a bar faced the more disappointing realisation that water was flowing from their beer taps.

A worker had connected a beer barrel to the apartment water pipe by mistake.

Excellent, Anyone know of any Norwegian Estate Agents renting flats in this block!!!
Yes read that one and if you've seen the price of beer there, that's like striking oil. It's apparently good for the hair and is so good at dealing with the onset of reality. I wonder if the plumber travels, I could do with some work being done.
Usually, it's the p*ss-house trough that is piped directly to the beer taps. At least that's what it sometimes tastes like.

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