Creating Web Links in Your Posts

So you want to put a link to either another part of the site of somewhere else on the internet then we have just the tool for you!

Lets say that I want to link to the ARRSEpedia then how do I go about?

Well first of all you need to find the URL (web address) which is normally shown in the address bar on your web browser. You can see an example below:


Once you've got this you need to create some text which you are going to make into the link. In this example I'm going to use 'The ARRSEpedia'.

Select the text as shown in the screenshot below, then click the 'Insert Link' button before entering the URL that you found above. Hit 'OK' and then you are done.


Once you've done that you'll end up with something slightly unusual which should look like this:

'[URL=""]The ARRSEpedia[/URL]'.

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