Creating the super soldier: Robotic exoskeleton

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by itchy300, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. I saw this in the Daily Hate this morning

    Robotic exoskeleton - that is so soft and light it pulls on like a pair of trousers - could one day give soldiers superhuman strength | Mail Online

    The line that really got me thinking is;

    Do we actually need the ability to carry heavier loads than is normally possible? Would this simply mean that because soldiers CAN carry more, they would. And as a result be further overloaded with equipment and all this technological advancement would be wasted with no improvement in combat effectiveness.

    First thread, I think it's in the right place. I've also searched the threads and can't see anything recent but feel free to put me right in a banterous and robust manor.

    I've pasted the article below.

  2. Dale Brown did it years ago in 'The Tinmen!
  3. What they really need to develop is warhammer terminator armour. Yes I was an armourer.

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  4. Yes.

    As has already been alluded to, if a soldier could carry, say, 100kg happily then you could make them essentially immune to SA fire. Not to mention the increase in firepower if everyone carried an HMG instead of a rifle, etc.

    It's certainly a potentially useful possibility.

    The balancing act, of course, is to make sure that you keep the inherent advantages of the infantryman whilst you do it. And make sure that it's possible to dump all of the heavy shit if the batteries run out.
  5. Not strictly on thread but there was a great article about designer limbs in Popular Mechanics, this picture of Ryan Seary I found truly remarkable.

    A lot of the research into exoskeleton will, I hope, also enable the disabled in many ways.

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  6. I want that Robot Doggie that walks 100 yards behind me carrying my Bergan, 5000 rounds of link, Rations and water and the SF Tripod I've been jiffed to carry. I then say heel and it trots up and delivers what I need.

    BigDog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  7. Sounds ideal for a sneak attack!
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  8. Wonder if its PFA/AFT-legal? :strong:
  9. Many of these exoskeletons are being developed to assist the disabled to walk again, I saw a documentary a while ago about a man who was disabled in a car accident. He refused to accept that he wouldn't walk again and so started his own company to design a develop the exosuit tech that he thought he'd need.

    The problem is not in developing the mechanics of such machines but in providing a compact power source that can provide the system with the energy it needs for operation over a long period of time and indoors. Both batteries and IC engines fail to deliver in this use.

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