Creating a new political Party

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by dumbstruck, May 26, 2009.

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  1. With the amount of ex forces why don't we create a new political Party. The country would back us 100% as they would trust ex forces to be a political force for the good. Our leader could be an ex COS, with all other departments being run from the G1 - G6 world. We have a vast untapped potential to make Britain again trust politicians. A bit far fetched I know but we could'nt do a worse job than whats on offer at the moment. What have we to lose. Any takers and has anybody have an idea what the Party should be called, I thought about the ARRSE Party but I assume people may get the wrong idea.
  2. I'm all for ex-forces getting involved in politics - there are some properly switched on people who come under that category, and as you said, literally anything has to be better than the present incumbents. That said, there are also some right mongs who also happen to wear or have worn green or various shades of blue - can you honestly say you'd want some of them running the whole country?

    But a specifically Forces political party? Not really in vogue since the Weimar republic and end of the Second World War unless you're a third world dictatorship... It would compromise the Forces apoliticality (if that is a word!) and civilian control of the forces also. As well as the Forces then being further associated with some of the tossers who are pollies!

    Plus 'ex-forces' isn't really a political belief or ideology like Lib Dem or neo-realist is - ex-forces blokes could vary from the pro-war to anti-war, from internationalists to offensive realists - what would this Partys unifying purpose and common ground be?
  3. Obviously the main point being that ex forces have already served their country and with my experience the vast majority are hard working and trust worthy people. The Party would not just look after a particular segment of society but the complete country, and most importantly with integrity, which is now missing from ALL of the current Parties. If nothing is done soon then parties like the BNP will start to actually get seats in Parliament then you can imagine the mess the country will be in more so than it currently is.
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    A laudable idea, but I doubt it would be a runner. Having been a civilian for far longer than I was a soldier, and working in many areas of civilian employment, I think that the perception of service people is different to that which many on here have. In my city, for example, service personnel are regarded as transient, unreliable and potential trouble makers. Obviously not my view, but middle classes do tend to typecast them. As for being trustworthy, I suspect that trying to get a hire purchase agreement would show that guarantors are needed.
    As I say, a laudable idea, but we have to remember the last time the military were involved in governance, and Cromwell didn't have that good a reputation.
    The other thing is, the great majority of the population don't know very much, if anything at all about the forces. Or, to be brutally frank, care very much. Other than the token show of respect to the fallen. It does not impact on their lives in any influential way, and they are more concerned with who will win some reality "talent" show, or the upcoming Big Brother series.
  5. A bit Kiplinesk but true

  6. As you have said Cromwell did not make many friends but he did do a lot for the country, unlike the politians of today whose snouts are well into the trough.
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Politicians have always had their snouts well and truly in trough, but the increase in global communication, the advent of comms technology and the willingness to publish have let it become common knowledge. From the inception of parliament up to present day, any politician has generally only been in the game for personal gain. Local politics is the same. The only reason this lot is attracting so much attention is that exposure is easier and media are more willing to publish, add to the fact that present governing party are ineffectual, incompetent and more self-publicising than any other, and are led by a man promoted well above his ability, and you have a row of Aunt Sally's just waiting for the balls to be thrown.
  8. Thats the reason for ex forces being ideal candidates for Parliament they have already served the country and have in some cases put their own lives on the line, and have not asked to have their moats cleaned or their tennis courts refurbished. Any political party knows that there is no alternative to the main three parties so do as they wish, I applaude David Cameron for what he is doing at the moment to cleanse the Conservative Party of those MP's who have been caught fiddling their accounts but at the back of my mind I'm thinking is he just playing to the majority of the popultation just to ensure that his party wins the next election and when and if they get to power then everything will go back to the way it is now. All three parties should be looking over their shoulders because if they are not careful then parties like the BNP and other fringe parties will collect more seats and then have a real say in the running of the country which in the long run will be far worse than it is now.
  9. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I would love to believe that senior officers ( who would naturally be expected to lead) would have the decency not to abuse the expenses system, but past instances decry that. I seem to recall various Generals having huge amounts spent on their homes at our expense, and being reviled in the press for it.
    I agree that there is a real need to clean house, and to be seen to be cleaner than a very clean thing, and that the radicals do have a chance of gaining seats. I have no truck with BNP or with any extreme or radical group, but they have captured the public imagination and mood. It is not just the venality of Mps that need sorting. The massive issue that is immigration, the festering sore of unemplyment and the scandal of education are just the tip of the iceberg, and these are what incense so many voters.
  10. What should be on top of any political parties list should be:

    Money for the Health service spent of the Health service and not the top adminstrators who earn far more than the nurses. The tax on Tabacco and Alohol should go direct to the Health Service.

    More police should be recruited and do the job they are paid for, the administration side should be left to civillians so police officers can be seen.

    More Customs personnel to check the borders for illegal immigrants and a faster time for illegal immigrants to be deported.i.e 1 appeal and if unsuccessful then they are out.

    More money should be spent on housing for the less well off. If the Government had spent half the money that was used to bail out the banks and used it on new homes to rent then there would not be a need for people to have to buy. Look at Germany only around 30% of the population own their own homes.

    TAX on vehicle fuel should be abolished as the vast majority of it goes direct to the Government to spend on expenses, look at some countries in Europe who already do this. This would lead to everyone having more money in their pockets to spend.

    Banks should be regulated more and stop them lending more than people can afford.

    The military should function as before (obviously)

    Education should be made a higher priorty than it is now, the more educated the youth becomes the more responsible it becomes. Stop the use of exams every other day and concentrate on educating.

    There is far more I can put down here but you get the idea, the Government has lost touch with reality.
  11. I'd prefer the "Great Britain Party"... making Britain Great again.

    And anyone who had toured as Staff would be barred from joining.... they are like politicians in Green.
  12. The only problem with the Name The Great Britain Party is that some people may confuse us with the BNP which is not good. How about the Democracy Party as we have defended democracy for the last few hundred years. Think about it how many ex forces are there in the UK that will vote for us. I know that this is just a bit of fun but just imagine if it actually became a reality. The 3 main parties would seriously be worried.
  13. The country tried putting on old soldier up as prime minister before, The Duke of Wellington was the most able general of his time and commanded almost universal support from all parties, but he made a right pigs ear of politics. He himself commented that soldiers were unsuitable for parliament, they live in a world of honesty, dependability and trust and were totally out of their depth in parliament.
    He soon had nearly all of his cabinet against him for giving orders as if he was still on a battle field and expecting them to be obeyed without question or discussion.

    My point is that although we have many very good officers who can sort out the logistics of a battle group and plan an armed conflict, none of them have any experience of running the health or education ministries, or dealing with unions, or any sort of international diplomacy tha doesn't involve shooting Johny Foreigner.

    Then again that may not be such a bad idea after all.
  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    What you need is a "None of the above Party".

    The trouble with most of ds’s ideas is that as we are handcuffed to Europe so by law they wouldn't leave the ground. We need a referendum (Bob Hope), I voted for a Common Market (in the middle of the prairie) not a Union
  15. I can see where you're coming from but in todays enviorment the forces of today have to deal with many different aspects not just a war fighting situation. I personally have been involved in numerous Operations, and had to deal with civilian authorities and aid agencies all requiring a certain amount of diplomacy which only a few years ago would not have happened. So in my opinion your argument does not hold, as the example you gave of Wellington is correct for that period of history but in todays enviorment British Forces are better trained and more intelligent than those of the Victorian time. If you think of it any of the three Armd Forces have their own societys which deal with every aspect of civillian life, for example:




    Working with civillian's

    They administrate themselves

    Deal with foriegn countries


    I do think that we have a vast amount of untapped talent for running the country and lets face it the current politians have not done a very good job up til now, no matter who which party is in power.