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I've been weight training (seriously) every other day for the past three months. On the days that I don't weight train I do cardio work (mainly 1.5 milers, 3 milers, and 4.5 milers, along with fartlek and swimming) I always have Sunday off to just chill and scratch my balls.

My question is, should I give creatine a go? I've researched it and I know most of the ins and outs of it, but it'd be useful to have some testimonials from people here who've used it previously or who are currently on it. I currently use protein shakes (specifically Pure Protein GRS-5 from Sci-MX)

use it myself and gives good results for me personally. i normally cycle it . three months on and three off. have done for the past year and a half. i use creatine and a whey protein shake after a weights session. that's all the supplements i use
jarrod248 said:
Sounds like you are doing ok. I'm not keen on any type of supplement and I don't think there is a substitute for good food.
Correct but supplements will undoubtably be needed for the amount of training AA_09 is doing. Creatine is mainly found in red meat and to get enough creatine one would need to eat much more meat that that of a normal diet.

Creatine is inexspesive and harmless when of pure quality so there's no excuse for not investing. Take a small amount 30-45 minutes before workout.
Thanks for the replies guys.

jarrod, my diet is really good, I eat healthily, I don't drink or smoke, but as PandaLOVE said, for the amount of training I'm doing I'd have to eat a truckload of meat everyday. I think your body stores something like 2g of creatine, and that's it. Not enough for optimum training basically.
if you find monohydrate bloats you or gives you water retention, as i found try creatine ethyl ester or creatine alpha ketrogluterate.
jarrod248 said:
Sounds like you are doing ok. I'm not keen on any type of supplement and I don't think there is a substitute for good food.
There is no substitute, and a healthy balanced diet is very important. However, if the diet is supplemented properly then these things can have a significant effect. Many of the dodgy result come when people forget that they are supplements and stary incorporationg them as a mjor part of the diet.
If you're bulking then you could try removing the low intensity aerobic work. If you change it to a couple sessions of HIIT / TABATA, the high intensity training helps to stimulate testosterone production and hence muscle growth (as well as burning the fat you'll be putting on from bulking). As long as you give youself a couple rest days a week you should be ok and your aerobic capacity will improve too.

Just came to mind because if you are using supplements to bulk then it's worth maximizing your program first.
Actually i am taking it after training, does make me perform better at running and recovery. Not sure if its in my mind. Side affects i do feel edgy afterwards and quick tempered.
i use creatine monohydrate, it goes well to suppliment weights and interval training (on the longer distance runs it gives me stitch.
as said however, it wll cause some initial water retention (up to a stone). this then seems to become lean mass, you will however have to lug that newfound mass around.
im not a fan of ethyl ester, malate, ketoglurate, orotate or any other strange variations, however, creatine alkinate (ph buffered monohydrate) gives all the benefits of monohydrate minus the bloatedness, retention etc at a slightly higher overall price. but unless you get real problems with a a cycle of monohydrate i would stick to big and cheap creapure (industry standard mono).

i buy from here, the cycling info is all there
arcticspunksock said:
I found that it made me aggressive and left me with a massive todger which got in the way whilst running.
What? There is absolutely no reason why creatine would make you aggressive or short tempered. It isn't a testosterone booster, not by any stretch of the imagination and doesn't inadvertently cause any such reaction.

arcticspunksock said:
Actually i am taking it after training, does make me perform better at running and recovery. Not sure if its in my mind. Side affects i do feel edgy afterwards and quick tempered.
If you're doing hill running or running with weights on your back, I can see creatine helping a little, otherwise its simply in your head, just like the aggression side effect. Creatine is best used for weightlifting etc, opposed to endurance sports where it has little to no effect. arcticspunksock, this may not be the product for you.

AA_09, as it has been previously mentioned, try and get plenty of protein and nutrients from whole foods. For instance, I always eat eggs, tuna & chicken throughout the day. I do use supplements, such as protein shakes which I have in the morning, after training and before bed with creatine and HMB added. Remember these are supplements and should be treated as such in your diet, and not as any type of replacement.

In my opinion, creatine is effective and I have seen some good gains in strength with the bonus of being very cheap, but ensure you drink plenty of water, 2L minimum, more would be better. You should also spike your insulin levels when taking creatine for optimum results, and a good way to do this is to take it with carbs and a protein drink like I do. A site that I use, and is becoming increasingly popular with growth of something like 250% a year recently is The price matcher at the bottom of the homepage is very good too. Use & to get savings on already cheap, top quality supplements.
does it show up on a cdt?? seam to remeber a mate saying a few of his guys got taking oneside for having high levels of creatine in them?? not sure if there is any problems with taking in the forces??
Thanks Agent, I am fully aware that it's just a supplement (same goes for my protein shakes) and wouldn't dream of using them as meal replacements. I have a very good base diet. For example, the meal I just had contained brown rice, lean chicken breast, peppers, spinach, courgette and mushrooms.

Could any of you let me know how long it took roughly for you to start noticing results in your physiques from using creatine?
I shouldn't see why it should be a problem, it's not illegal, and it doesn't cause any nasty side-effects either physically or psychologically. You could have above-average levels of creatine in your system by going on the Atkins diet! And surely the forces wouldn't care about that.
Got to agree with Jarrods right diet post.

Also, when you take it, your body will produce less of it and could even stop producing it altogether.

Might aswel not bother.

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