Hello all,

I've got a few questions regarding the sports supplement Creatine.

1) Is it banned in the Army?
2? Is it as good as it's billed to be?
3) I'm currently training for an arduous course; will it assist me in my training (injury repair, energy levels, power etc)?
4) Could someone (in the know) provide me with an idiots guide to the supplement providing both pro's and con's?

I was in an elite performance rugby academy in college, our coaches couldnt of recommended it more, and they were right. Increases muscle recovery rate, helps you turn more fat into muscle and put more mass on, providing you exercise regularly. Take it in powder form in a pint of water (1 teaspoon) with some form of carbohydrate (pasta recommended) followed by something sugary (chocolate bar, fizzy drink). Thats the way we were told to get optimum performance out of it.

Hope i've helped

Cheers so far lads. I've heard that you need to take a shed load of water when you are using it and that it needs to be cycled. Due to these to points; are there any negative side effects that could occur?
Ive just started my second cycle. I did 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off, now back to 4 weeks on.

On the first 4 week cycle I gained about 3kg in weight due to the water, in the 2 weeks off with constant training that dropped off again.

The gains Ive had from using it have been amazing. Ive been able to lift much heavier weight for a lot longer and have certainly bulked up, however im using a lot of whey protein as well.

As for the water, I am trying to drink more water than normal as you're supposed to up your fluid intake.

Side effects? I read extensively into creatine before deciding to use it, and according to all the "experts" there are no negative side effects to using creatine, whether thats true or not i dont know. However I am glad I started using it, the training benefits for me have been brilliant, and a few of the lads have been asking what Im doing and using because they've seen the benefits.

Hope that helps a bit.
I found the serum (liquid) stuff made by ATP to be very good on an arduos course I was on some time ago. They even make a runners/endurance type now, expensive but worth it.
Ok cheers lads, will have a word with the PTI next when I next him, see what he thinks (he appears to be very clued up).

Buggrit; you mention that you've bulked up a lot by using it. I need to retain my speed/CV fitness. The 3kg of weight you picked up on one cycle, was mainly water? When it dropped off, how much lean muscle and definition was left?

Sorry if I'm swinging the lamp a bit lads, I just need to know the facts before using it and don't fancy using manufacturers' biased websites.
Get some Amino Acids they are better for injuries but make certian you have a good diet with them as well to help them work fresh veg and quality meat get some steak from the butcher dont go mad with it eat within your daily intake
mapco said:
Get some Amino Acids they are better for injuries but make certian you have a good diet with them as well to help them work fresh veg and quality meat get some steak from the butcher dont go mad with it eat within your daily intake
The whey I use from is packed with amino thats that problem solved.

Burno, when i dropped off the water I was left with good definition in my arms, shoulders and thighs. Now I have been training for about 3 months, about 5 or 6 times a week, and doing about 50/50 cv/ weights, its only the last 6 weeks that Ive been on a creatine program and i have seen faster benefits from it. Im sure you're PTI mate can sort out a program for you to keep your cv and speed up to scratch while still gaining muscle mass.

Protein is by far the more important to building muscle mass though, and if you're not sure about using creatine, try just using protein when you train first and see what benefits you get from that.

If you look up the creatine websites, you'll see the two main types people use are monohydrate and CEE. Apparently you dont bulk water with CEE, but I wouldnt know as Ive only used mono so far, then you get people saying they dont bulk water with mono either....its all a case of trying them out, but once I finish the mono I have at the moment Im switching to CEE as I want to try both to see which is better.
Yeah. I've heard good things about that myprotein site. However, I'm lucky enough to get a high quality whey protein isolate for free! The protein helps me recover from a beast of a workout for the next day. I just want that extra bit and have heard great things about Creatine. What Creatine do you use, Buggrit?
Don't forget that adequate creatine is available in any diet that contains fish or meat. Handy that, as these are also great sources of protein. Personally I have found that I don't need to suppliment at all as long as I adjust my diet according to my training cycle.

I'm not knocking it; live and let live, I say. However, if you've heard the phrase 'pissing your money away', you might appreciate how this literally might apply to many dietary suppliment products; particularly when taken by those undertaking less-than-elite training schedules (ie, the vast majority of us).

Eat properly, do lots of aerobic work, rest well and get well out of your comfort zone at least once a week; that's the ticket if you ask me.
I don't use Creatine; Was warned off the stuff some time ago.

Thought I'd remind people that you should only use it for a certain amount of time before taking a break. I can't remember the length off the top of my head, but make sure you don't use it for months on end straight; It can do some nasty internal damage.
i tried this and this is my experience.

firstly, it made me feel shite. gave me the craps, my stomach was churning all day.

secondly, an increase of 3kg over 4 weeks is a lot. if its all water, its just gunna slow you down.

creatine is naturally occuring, but even on supplements is used up in the first few seconds of exercise.

it has no positive effect on running performance.

i completely agree its pissing away money.

issues like 'definition' are really difficult.
firstly, unless you take before and after pictures, its difficult to judge. because you want to gain muscle, your more inclinded to think you have.
also, many people say the definition is simply muscles retaining more water, in which case, its not useful growth, and is not long term. it will go after you stop using it.

and with benefits on weight training performance, again its hard because you are more aware of your training. over a week you may be able to lift a kg more then before, but how sure can you be you would not have been able to make those gains without creatine.
from people i speak to, people who start using creatine tend to change the way they train at the same time, which makes it bloody difficult to judge benefits, as changing training regime is a good way to keep up your gains.

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