Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gibboe, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick question for anyone who has a good answer.

    Will creatine cause any problems when i take a CDT?

  2. have no problem.....I have been dinking Brasso for years!!!!
  3. You have to declare what you have been taking... Just check whats actually in it first...


    But normally supplements such as creatine are fine.
  4. Ok, cheers mate.
  5. Knowing how much you lot get CDT'd I would declare my morning brew.
  6. i dont no.

    sorry. :(
  7. I know one lad back in my phase 1 who got pulled up for taking all that wonder-gro rubbish. He got bollocked for not telling anyone and having it come out on his CDT. No actual disciplinary action was taken I think, although his stash was taken from him. Good ol' Big Simps, wonder if he is the size of the Hulk by now.
  8. Creatine is a natural supplement-it won't cause any problems on CDT.

    When I did Field Gun (the Brickwoods one-aka carpark fieldgun, not the Command varient), I was taking creatine and got CDT'd and didn't declare it (as I knew it wouldn't be a problem) and nothing got said to me.

    Obviously, if you start taking the fcuking piss and start popping Anadrol, then you're asking for it...
  9. You get told before the CDT that you dont have to declare any muscle supplements, obviouslly steriods doesnt count here!!! but creatine is fine, id also reccomend if not allready that you take creatine tablets and not the powder as when mixed with water or juice you loose quite a bit off the potency.
  10. Plus the powder tastes like permanent marker pen smells.

  11. Creatine is a natural substance found in the body.

    It is used for high-intensity, power situations, such as sprinting or power-lifting. It does not cause weight loss, weight gain, depression, aggression or any other such rubbish.

    What it does do is allow you to train that bit longer or harder in high-intensity situations thus increasing your training level overall. If you don't train, you piss it away which is what most people tend to do with it.

    The problem comes when mixed with other ingredients. These are the ones that are picked up on CDT (possibly!). The first is caffeine. High levels of this ARE picked up on CDT as a stimulant. If you declare it, you are fine - I speak from experience having not declared it. Other ingredients include ephedra (see Muscletechs old Hydroxycut formula although this has now changed but others still have it). This is a UK banned substance but it can be picekd up in the USA in products that are free from it in the UK, watch out there.

    If you are a beginner or intermediate in the weight-training / sprinting stakes then creatine is honestly an utter waste of money. The advantage you will gain is purely psychological which is no bad thing if that helps you push yourself further - it's just quite expensive for 'motivation'.
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