Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by moonmonkey1, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. I was thinking of taking creatine to help with my trining, just wondering if anyone here could give me any advice if anyones used it in the past of even f its just a warning saying don't.
  2. Creatine can help, but don't buy cheap stuff!!! I use Satur8 by ISS. The key is to use it only when training; if you're not doing a hard work out, don't use it. Too much of anything and all that...have a look through the fitness pages, there are other threads on it, some have had bad experiences.
  3. If i start using it i couldnt be discharged if it showed up on the CDT's tests as it occurs naturally in food and in the body, hats right isnt it?
  4. Creatine (creatine phosphate) occurs anturally in muscles in the body, and concentrations can be increased by endurance training. It is used as a medium to deliver energy to muscle fibres. It is legal for use in Great Britain, but is banned for use by sportsmen in some countries, for some sports. Can't remember which though.
  5. I would not advise taking it unless you're really looking to shape up. Creatine, although I've never been convinced about increasing tangible (fibrous) muscle mass, certainly increases the non-fat mass of the body and will make you look hard.. although you probably won't be.

    To be as safe as possible, first limit your intake to ~5g a day and do not use a "loading phase". This puts undue pressure on the kidneys and although there is no proven relation between kidney inflammation and creatine, there have been links made and basically, the more creatine you're shoving into your system, the more will be pissed out as creatineine. I had a look at the Satur8 recommendation and that looks ok to me, relatively low dosage, a recommended cycle phase (always the sign of a manufacturer who gives a sh**) and the intake of actual creatine per serving looks relatively low.

    If you feel any kidney or abdominal pain at any time, then stop taking it.

    I don't use Creatine anymore because it's not recommended you take caffeine with it (400mg of caffeine I believe, will begin to block the effects of creatine - a cup of coffee can contain 100-120mg) . I don't drop tea or coffee for any money.
  6. Steer well away. Why do you feel the need to use it? It will improve your lean mass, however, increased mass is more for your legs to carry around on runs, drag over the 8 ft wall etc etc. It will not show up on CDT. There is evidence that by taking creatine, you will knock off the body's stimulus for creatine synthesis - which may have adverse effects long after you have finished taking the creatine. Also there were studies in the USA among college athletes that indicated a reduction in renal (kidney) function and even failure (not a pleasant experience). Some people get 'heavy legs' with it and find that it doesn't help. I guess it depends on your training aims, but I don't recommend it as having any beneficial effect for military type PT.
  7. In the end, military PT will do more for than creatine will. I do use Satur8, as Burton says, they manufacture does care so you're getting your quality in. But I'm not in the military yet, and will stop using it when I'm in...My adive is try it, RESEARCH THE MANUFACTURERS and see what happens. Avoid pills, try the liquid dilute stuff and use it instead of a botle of water when you're working out. Otherwise, you'll just p*ss it out!
  8. All true, if you want to stop being a skinny girly-man by taking Creatine, you're also going to have to do lots of CV work (which Creatine won't 'help' with), and incorporate stamina squats into your weight regime. Ie. don't squat lift your max weight, do a low weight many times.

    However, from the journals I have read on the subject, you would have to take an absolute crapload to begin to impair the bodies natural production of Creatine. You can take in a max of 2 grams of Creatine from food I believe. Satur8 would give you 6 grams a day. I would hazard that only the clowns who load themselves on unbelievable (sometimes up to 50g doses) of tablet form Creatine could possibly have such a lasting effect on their body. By doing weights you're going to use about 4g of Creatine a day, and the rest would be dispersed. I just can't see that 2g of extra (which the body is used to keeping in balance on rest days anyway) would impair any productive function.

    Train pretty hard, you wouldn't eat more food on lax training weeks, so don't just take Creatine as a matter of course. If you're using it for weights, do 4 days on, one day off, training for an hour or so. 9-12 working sets cycling muscle groups. Do some standard PT exercises as well, like press-ups and sit ups. I hate tricep weight lifting and became extremely weak at press-ups (I did some at the RCB not long ago and scored.. 46.. cough.. in 2 minutes....), which was my own fault for allowing my biceps and shoulder structure to become large, whilst my opposing muscles remained the same size and my stamina disappeared. A lot of people get into the bicep and chest exercise curse when weight lifting. The easiest, best looking and most productive of muscle growth exercises in terms of fibre reparation.... but just not that helpful to overall PT.

    Although I'm surprised the dumbell row isn't used as a standard core stability exercise.. it's such a... I'm rambling like a clown now. I'd reiterate though, only take it if you want to look 'good'. Hope this helps.
  9. Creatine is not a banned substance, but taking creatine makes passing a CDT risky. When manufacturers create creatine, they use the same production line that they use for other substances. The less professional companies (most of them, tbh) do not clean down the production line before the creatine is put on, which mean there are trace amounts of the previous batch in the creatine. The trace amounts of the previous substance will show up on the CDT, and if it's illegal you will get binned (possibly with a charge).

    This risk is on top of the normal risk that comes with creatine, which is kidney and liver damage. If you are using creatine, and go on a long march, you will not be able to keep yourself hydrated enough to prevent kidney damage. Creatine helps a lot with bodybuilding (in a cosmetic way, mostly) but bodybuilders don't do cardiovascular exercise. You need to run in the army, and creatine will just add useless bulk (water saturated muscle tissue) and dehydrate you.

    And the final point is that exercise is designed to make you hard physically, but more importantly it's designed to make you hard mentally. If you are looking for shortcuts to physical fitness, you lose some of the elements of exercise that would make you nails. Mental toughness pushes you a hell of a lot further than physical fitness, and if you can get the mental toughness then the fitness will follow.

    Leave the creatine for the bodybuilding boys, and go running instead.
  10. A reverse question if I may. I'm the sort of bloke who never has any trouble putting weight on. Chunky is the word. I know the easiest way to lose weight is sh*tloads of pt, but even though I do a fair amount and eat/drink the same as my peers, the weight comes off very slowly or not at all. I don't want to become a loser and not drink at all etc, I'm already careful with that already, I'm just fed up of doing more pt and eating less and not seeing any gain. Is there an equivalent thing to take that speeds up metabolism that is legal?
  11. Tilly, I'm in same positions, I lost a fair bit by doing the GI diet and cutting back on all the shit snacks between meals. Try going for long runs in the morning before work (harder now as it pitch black).
    What is your reason for wanting to lose weight? Try and set yourself weekly goals.
  12. Fat loss products are definitely dodgy; even more so than Creatine, either you'll waste your money and won't get squat loss or be sh1tting yourself all day long. Many are dehydrants.

    Burning fat is all in the long run banter as far as I'm concerned. 45 minutes plus (don't do more than 70 per run, 180 a week), really will burn through calories, 500 cal+ if you're a big guy. Don't starve yourself, but lay off the white bread, whole milk, mature cheese, chocolate etc etc. You'll have to take up rubbish snacks like fruit buns and scones.

    High protein, low carb breakfasts like eggs may help instead of cereal. Remember to replace carbs after a long run, a banana + orange juice will do the trick.
  13. Funnily enough, my Mom told me about some drug that can be taken on prescription from a Doctor, for folks who find it hard to lose weight or, more importantly, can lose it then put it on. If I find out the name of it, i'll post it
  14. Just for a larf, rent 'Requiem for a Dream' out before trying prescription weight loss pills.