Creatine for endurance??

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by YorkieDragoon, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. So one of my mates who's got P Coy upcoming reckons that if he gets hold of a jar of creatine tabs and pops them throughout, it'll give him the boosts of energy that might help him through.... 8O

    I feel uncomfortable with this idea, and cannot help but think that it probably isn't a good idea. However, this could just be because I feel uneasy at the idea of any of the supplement type things.

    Should I warn him off the idea?
    What is the actual purpose/ effect of creatine?

  2. completely off topic but how do you make the link different to the URL?
  3. Creatine helps build muscle/strength. It has little if any aerobic benefit, and the side effects of sustained use are still unknown.

    Tell your mate not to waste his money. :roll:
  4. I wish people would read up on creatine before they say its gonna help with endurance... its only used in the intitial stages of exercise and would really only be beneficial in sprinting and gym work and the sort... however dont bother telling him this as he may get a placebo effect that will help in through and it will also help in those initial stages :)

  5. That was my feeling. Quite apart from the fact that I don't think there's anything on P Coy that you cannot do if you're physically prepared. If he hopes to bypass the need to dig deep for the grit and test himself mentally when it gets tough, I feel he's missing at least 50% of the point of being there.

    If it isn't going to have an adverse effect, it could at least be a placebo....
    Edited after reading werewolf's post- yes, I agree.
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  7. I once heard that if someone wants to go faster and further there was, once upon a time a myth called real training...

    Yorkie, what you said about the physical requirement of P coy only making up for 50% is right fella, i did it back in 2003 and even though i was extremely fit, if i was weaker in mind i would never of finished and earned my wings
  8. I used creatine for a while and gained massive amounts of strength and size but a lot of it was water retention which will make him bulky and weigh him down when running. It did with me when I was on it anyway. I'd favour athleticism over brute strength and bulk any day.

    Who would face a better chance of passing the course? Jay Cutler or Usain Bolt?
  9. A very good point, mate. :wink:

    Anyway, taking Creatine tabs during P Company would have little effect, since Creatine takes time to work, and only when it's used as part of a strength/bodybuilding program. As another ARRSEr pointed out, using Creatine causes you to bulk up, partly with extra water in the muscles. I would think extra weight and bulk is the LAST thing anyone trying for P Company would want! 8O

    One final point: I doubt the DS would be very impressed by a recruit popping tabs of any kind during the course...
  10. It's brilliant stuff and cheap, cheap, cheap. Not sure about the pills (capsule wall takes time to digest) but a few mgs of creatine powder 30-45 minutes before a workout is all you need.

    Additional strength and stamina is noticeable when I train with weights especially towards the end of a session. Read up on Taurine too. Regarding additional stamina for running? I don't know but I doubt if it would be as effective while running long distances (40 mins +).
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  12. Nope not all.. as i said prior initial stages...hence why your feeling positive effects in exercise involving power - such as weights etc.
  13. The problem with Creatine is an increased risk of dehydration which in the climate of current ops would not be a good thing.
  14. Very true...and on Pcoy thats the last thing you need - not speaking from exp. but from common sense point of view..exp. in a few months though :D