Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by -=TheGeneral=-, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Ever since I joined I've always put creases into my uniform, making sure they go directly through the centre of badges, etc.

    However, I wasn't in last week (31/1) and I was told last wednesday by a comrade that we weren't meant to have creases anymore...

    What?! :shock:

    What's the score with this? I think the Brigadier's in next week and understandably I don't want to look a pleb...

    One person says you need creases (dicipline and smartness) and another says you don't because it makes uniform wear more quickly :shakefist:

    One day this army will sing in tune!
  2. You'll be telling me next that they have banned timing chains inside the trouser leg and held in place over the gaiters with a stout rubber band.
  3. Out of interest are you in the RIFLES?

    I was always told they didnt crease uniforms.

    "Do everything that is neccessary and nothing that is not!"

    But it does wreck the uniform if ironed excessively.

  4. Verify TA or OTC. 'Creasing' uniforms is a very different process in each.

    Bring back 2 tome lightweights, that's what I say.
  5. I don't think the brigadier will give a flying fuck whether you have creases or not. Why don't you ask someone with authority in your unit?
  6. Why not go in a pair of Blue PT shorts, and iron creases into your naked arms, stitch your badges to your skin and prior to sitting down, in a smart soldier like manner, tell him your number rank and name, and give a brief, but simple explanation why you are in your current state of dress.

    He will be impressed and speechless and will never ever question your dedication.

    As you salute, turn about and leave wiggle your little ass in a way that will have him salivating.
  7. What's your point? You can still get cracking creases in a set of PT shorts :)
  8. There is a school of thought that suggests that ironing of uniform may increase the IR signature.....does that matter? Creases are unimportant looking smart and presentable (clean boots and pressed kit) normally creates a good first impression. Does that matter to you?
  9. Exercise or operational kit = Dont iron

    Parade night kit or course kit = Do iron

    Sadly only had experience of the second
  10. IR signature???

    Only if you use Soap on the inside of creases???
    :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss:
  11. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Iron your uniform you lazy tramps.
  12. Fine, don't iron them, sew the creases in then!

    (personally I think that looks terrible)
  13. If they stop the creases I'd have to rebel and put the creases in anyway. Our uniform looks shit without the creases, trust me I have seen them, I've just completed part B of recruits training.
  14. If im on ops i dont iron a bloody thing
    In camp i tumble dry and have a look if its ok wear it if not iron it flat
    Not hard why get stressed in the little things.
    Also on to polishing boots the army give me boots but dont give me polish or brushes so if they need polishing i do them if they dont i dont simple.
    Why complicate life
  15. I think TA should only iron 1/7th of their kit, maybe we should have a ironing allowance or pension????