Cream of the Corps?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Alfie_Boy, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. The other day whilst listening to a rather boring chap drone on about the fantastic security job he was doing, I got to thinking. Would you not agree that lings really are the cream of the Corps?

    Any monkey can be taught to shake a fence, fiddle with a padlock and even to attend mess doo's complete with all of the charisma of Roy Cropper but one must ask, how many of these monkeys could be trained as a ling? Not many I'd suggest. It goes without saying methinks, that of course a ling could be trained to do any of the above........
  2. YAWN ................................
  3. Another typical response from a LCpl who has just finished his language course and thinks he knows everything the Corps does.


    Anyone found to be voting on this poll will be shot for inciting hatred. !
  4. ... and I'd suggest that you haven't got a clue what you are talking about.

    (from an ex Op Int & Sy who spoke 2 additional languages)

  5. As we know cream always rises to the top. Along with turds, used Durex and Robert Maxwell.
  6. And cream is soooo thick.
  7. i'm guessing he isn't a lance jack. and i'm also guessing it's someone's Arrse alter-ego personality for winding people up :)

    i would guess quite a lot. the question you should be asking yourself is: having passed the oh-so-difficult MLAT test, why did you not tick the "no thanks - I like having a room with a window" box (like so many op ints did) and go do an enjoyable job instead? ;)
  8. Well maybe not. But the post come across with the mentality of one.
  9. I don't think he's an alter ego - a SSgt or Sgt transferee from the RMP who has recently completed his first language course and is possibly at 14 Sigs. Ring any bells?

  10. Well that narrows it down quite a bit. Why not post his initials in an effort to be even less discreet?
  11. I have no idea who he is - I am retired and have very few connections in that world. All I did was scan through his last 10 posts - just like anyone with access to the internet is able to. I would suggest it someone other than me needs a lesson in being discrete. (I'm guessing you know who it is though ).

  12. I am guessing that you weren't a darksider then? Otherwise you might have picked up on this post:

    I think I am correct in saying that RMP do not attend the Royal Signals Det Cmdrs' Course or the Royal Signals Sergeants' Course. :wink:
  13. I'm guessing that you never scanned through my posts further up the page:

    Also note one from Alfie on the RMP forum ref RMP promotion board results:

    Do we have a multiple personality here?

  14. There's so much guessing going on it could only be the Int Corps forum.
  15. Was there ever such a thing as an Op Int & Sy (L)? :?

    I suspect you might be right. :wink: