Cream Eggs

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Brew_Time, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. With Easter on its way - just wondered how you eat your cream egg. This is aimed at the ladies - errrrrr females on here mostly.

  2. I'm not a female but I wouldn't give cream eggs the time of day - filthy nasty horrible confectionary....
  3. Hmm, know of a squaddie who shoved one up his ass one day - his mum wasn't too pleased, esp when she had to clean the mess after he farted.

  4. Classic!! I can just imagine cream egg pebble dashed all over the wall!

    I'm with Cuddles they gopping!
  5. I lost one inside my missus.
    Not long after we first met we were having a little play around, as you do, I unwrapped the offending item and slowly pushed in into her cnut 'ole.
    Only prob' was, because of the shape (egg not the missus) I couldn't get firm grip of it to carry out the extraction procedure. All I managed to acheive was pushing it further in.
    The only way forward was to let it melt, then hose her out.
    She's since gone off cream eggs......Prude.
  6. Your missus is such a spoil sport.

    Know a bird who used to let me shove a king size Mars Bar up her - that was just as messy.

  7. I bite the top off then slowly and seductively lick out the inside, while allowing some to dribble down my chin.

    I look longingly at you while swallowing the runny, gooey mixture, then I regurgitate it back into the hollow egg, re-wrap and stick it back on the shop shelf.
  8. Thats my girl - :thumright: :numberone:
  9. only one way to do it...all in one go and then drool chocolate all down your front trying not to choke on the bugger!!!
  10. well you wash your hands first then you proceed by cutting the top off the egg you dip your finger in to the egg and slowly and seductively put in in to your mouth when you have finished you wash your hands again
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Hear Hear, like peanut kitkats- $hite!
  12. Good drills Moody you can't teach this sort of skill its definately learnt behaviour!
  13. in good scottish fashoin

    I have my Creme Eggs - battered and deep fried

  14. If you are going to stuff things edible up fadges, can I recoomend a large, semi-ripened banana? It is a very effective sex toy and then anchovy flavoured banana fanny-batter is one of the great post-sex snacks...