Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Scribbler, Feb 2, 2003.

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  1. Easter is approaching and we are again inundated with 5hitty cream egg commercials on TV.  I was just wondering, how do you eat yours?  
  2. With difficulty...........I have a cleft pallet ;D
  3. Just buy four MDN.  The first three will fill the hole leaving you able to enjoy the last one.  I eat mine with a knife and fork 'cos I'm posh.
  4. Never mind how I eat mine, I still can't forget how Mucky Margaret used to eat hers. Bliss
    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  5. Who's Mucky Margaret????????????
  6. What a coincidence....

    Got this text message on my phone today:

    A good old suck to make it wet, it dribbles down my chin, then when I think the time is right, I'll ram the F*cker in!

    Cadbury's Cream Egg.......How do you eat yours?  ;D
  7. How do I eat mine? With great difficulty as I have no arms!!!
    Only joking   --- Guffaw!
    Although I did once see a young lady in Bangkok who ......I'm sorry I can't go on, the memories are to terrible to revisit
  8. Let's just say, she fired them out so quick, it was like being in the butts on an SLR APWT.
    What about you Lippy?
  9. MDN, would you care to enlighten us?
    Did Lippy resemble a cream egg in that you had to bite through a brown crust only to be met by a yellow and white secretion?
  10. temptation.............................. ;D
  11. It's better than being resembled to a pork pie
    Having to bite through the crust, lick through the jelly to find the meat
  12. Who the fcuk is Ted? Has he seen your cream eggs?
  13. That's helpful

    OOOOH EEEEE Tiger. I am sweating like a Pee Eye Gee!!!!
  14. I had a suck of one once....had to spit it out.....ewwwww :eek:
  15. Do you like emptying people's eggs by sucking?