Creaking Assault Boots!!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ollie2376, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. Just got a first set of "Boots Combat Assault". Read up on some past threads about breaking them in, which seems simple enough. But these boots are creaking like a b*stard! Does this go when they are broken in? If not, how can I make them a bit quieter?!

  2. Why the Army doesn't invest in a good issue boot (based on a civvy hillwalking boot) and give them to every bod (or at the very least the infantry) I will never know. Unfortunately for you pal (I'm assuming you are in training) its going to hurt. Grit your teeth and when you get through training, get a pair of Altbergs.
  3. It'll stop when you've worn them for long enough.
  4. Try rubbing neatsfoot oil on the boots to loosen the leather up (on the inside only if you need to 'bull' them/both sides if you don't).

    Neatsfoot oil availble from most shoe repairers/hardware stores or from Tandy Leather Factory @ £5-98(ish) for 4 oz, Tel; 01604 647910
  5. Have a look at the thread on Squeaking Boots, I contacted Meindl direct as I had a squeak/creak with my Mountain boot..... Meindl suggested a good coating of G-Wax to soften the leather.....

    Hope this helps......
  6. Try WD-40 mate sorted my squeaky car door hope this helps steve x
  7. polish them, for a start.

    wearing them a lot also helps.
  8. In training (afew years ago now) we were told not only to use neats foot oil but also leave them in a bath of luke warm water for afew hours, it softened the leather up a treat.
  9. Just wear them in and keep them regularly polished, they'll be fine.
  10. I gave them a thick coat of polish, left it in the cupboard with the boiler over night, then brushed it off in the morning....worked a treat.

    I have read a lot about soaking them, but we were told that due to them having cardboard in the sole, if you soak them you end up with bumpy bits where the cardboard goes tits up?
  11. Yep. Make sure to avoid any puddles you see as well.
  12. haha, i dont meen minor water will mess them up, but like leaving them in a bath overnight and all the other methods like that?
  13. Ollie2376,

    Thats what removable insoles are for.
  14. just put a bit of simple, cheap, nivea hand cream (or anything other- basic, odorfree) inside, directly on leather- around angle and near toes. let it dry overnight, than put it again (just use smaller amount). works fine for me :)
  15. I piss in my boots and wear them with sealskins socks, works for me (gotta eally stretch the boots as I have hobbit feet