Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mattybouy, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. I was looking through the FTRS posts on Armynet and i've found some for a "PTI CRB required", does anyone know what CRB stands for? i think i've heard of it but cant remember what it stands for.

  2. its for a criminal backround check
  3. You'll fail it because you touch kids.
  4. It's the Criminal Recodrs Bureau! They check your background if you have to work with people under 18! Ie PTI's at ATR's,ADSC'sand ART's need it.
  5. Child Rapist (Bespoke)!
  6. CRB - you should be able to get one through your admin office and should have it prior to your employment, if not you'll need a letter from your CO stating you're not a fiddler whilst your CRB is in the process of being checked (it may take some months).
  7. Cheers troops, yes i know why i would need it, its for a PTI in Harrogate and as the soldiers there are young it makes sense to have one

  8.**dy pervert.
  9. C-Caught
  10. I've just had mine renewed it took less than a month, I did pay a few quid extra for quick service I find it best to use the form rather than the call line as you will be responsible if the call operator fecks up.

    I had to reapply after the widow licker at the CRB typed in my DoB the wrong way round. The funny thing is that the check came back clear, now what are the chances of some one with the same fore names and surname, born in the same city on the reverse day and month as my year of birth. It make me wonder just how good a CRB check really is.
  11. Cock Reeking of Boys!
  12. Applied for mine first in Dec 03, had no news for 8 months, re-applied and got both disclosures back 2 months afterwards within 2 days of each other
  13. Just had a new one done and because I told them my given name, and not my first name as it appears on my passport and birth certificate (both of which they needed copies of) it would appear they searched for the wrong person!

    As with BigT's situation, you have to wonder how many times this has happened before to other people, and further more how many people could have slipped through the net.