CRB/MS Referral Posts

No one eh? Oh well, I'll put in a SAR to Glasgow.

Having just been CRB'd my old conviction (police stopped me just after I'd picked up a lady of the night some years ago; declared at the time, no great dramas, had my vetting reviewed and renewed PV(S) the next year anyway) now apparently means I can no longer be employed by my Corps or in any CRB / MS Referral post.

Transfer paperwork is in but I don't see a long and bright future........

Neither I nor my unit can see what the drama is.

If they start getting rid of everyone with a record (and an Army Charge is a criminal offence don't forget) then the Army is going to get very small very quickly.
Even if your offence is spent under the Rehabilation Offenders Act anything that you require a CRB for looks at all offencers spent or not.

A CRB check was designed to protect vulnerable people.
I don't work with kids or vulnerable adults and REALLY resent the implication (not by you - by the MOD) that I'm some sort of dangerous pervert all of a sudden.
Well presumably you would have been dangerous, had you got your lady of the night to that lay-by outside Ipswich?? :twisted:

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