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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hammy123, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Im in line for a job with a government department as a contractor. Since the role involved information about child pervs, kiddies etc I need to have A CRB check. Now, way way back in the early 90's I did have a run in with Mr Plod, nothing to do with kiddies or s*x offences mind you, more along the lines of a little scrapping which ended up with me getting a 6 month suspended. Anyone know if this this shows on a CRB even though the offence is "spent"? the manager seemed to think they are more keen to see if Ive been a kiddie fiddler.

    Anyone know the score?
  2. First of all, why is this in the NAAFI?

    Secondly, tell them you got done for kicking shit out of a paedo. That'll probably get you extra credit.
  3. CRB check only shows up if you it is on your criminal record. Being suspended for 6 months wont count towards that unless it went through actual courts etc.
  4. Its in the NAAFI because there wasnt a "CRB Check" Forum :)
  5. Went to magistrates court and was given 6 months suspended sent for assault.

    According to the linky, it is classed as "spent". So, not sure if it will show up on a standard CRB.
  6. It will probably show up on the CRB anyway I'm afraid, it will also say that it was spent though and how long ago this all happened etc.
  7. all offences will end up showing up on an enhanced check
    but on a standard, spent is as spent does

    however check with your local plod for their waiting times for completion of the crb check
    some take 6months plus because the staff are lazy fat twats
  8. I have just got a CRB check back and it shows up numerous stuff that I didn't go to court for ( No further action )
  9. change your name to ian huntley
    they'll find fuck all like beofre
    and the jobs yours
  10. All offences, spent or unspent will show up on the check.
  11. Correct. It will show up, so make sure you declare it.

    By the way, 6 months suspended for "a bit of scrapping"? I don't think so. "Scrapping" gets a caution.

    Did the lad ever recover from the glass in the face? :wink:
  12. It was scrapping with one or two assorted implements which you find lying around a pub, then with the police, then with the custody sergeant :)

    Thanks for the responses, it appears that there is a basic, standard and enhanced check. Basic and standard shouldnt show it up, unless I go for a job as a solicitor, accountant, barrister, directly involved with kids or old people where I have to declare spent convictions.
  13. So you're a criminal then? perhaps this is what they are trying to discover?
  14. Long time ago - oh I forget, we are all angels arent we. None of us has ever been in a scrap in a bar when on the lash after a tour have we?

    Or are they trying to discover that scrapping in a bar many years ago will impede my ability to manage a project, the two issues are of course linked.